List of Supported & Compatible Devices for Starz Streaming Service

If you are looking to stream on STARZ, you would be happy to know that many devices support the streaming service. Now, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Starz with more compatible device options wherever you go.

To know which of your devices at home or work is compatible with the Starz streaming service app, check out the list below.

Complete List of Supported & Compatible Smart TV, Media Player, or Mobile Devices for STARZ Streaming App

Starz is a premium TV cable service that also offers streaming subscriptions on its app and various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video Channels and YouTube TV. You can subscribe to a Starz premium subscription plan for a monthly fee of $8.99 with 7-day free trial. But, if you already have the cable service, you get to enjoy the app without the added cost. STARZ promises exclusive original content, classic theatrically released movies, and popular television series.

You can download, install, and activate the Starz app on different devices including a smart TV, mobile phone or tablet, media player or streaming stick, gaming console, or desktop and laptop computer. The web version of the streaming platform is also supported in various web browsers.

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Here is the full list of supported devices where you can stream original movies, TV series, and other content on the Starz app or website.

Image credit by STARZ

Phones and Tablets

iOS Devices

Android Devices

Screenshot by Binge Gauge

Smart TVs

Streaming Media Players

Amazon Devices

Roku Devices

Apple Devices

Desktop or Laptop Computers

  • Microsoft Windows 10 PC
  • Microsoft Windows 11 PC
  • Mac – running OSX 10.5.7 or newer

Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome – latest version
  • Microsoft Edge – latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox – latest version
  • Safari – latest version

Gaming Consoles

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Which of the devices above do you have at home? Which platform do you prefer to stream content on the Starz app? We are curious to know. You can share your story in the comment section below.

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