How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Invalid_Geo_IP Error

Eager to settle in for a Prime Video binge of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Don’t let your streaming dreams end in disappointment with the cryptic “Invalid_Geo_IP” error code on Amazon Prime Video.

This Prime Video hiccup suggests your device’s location doesn’t match the required region for content access. But with the right troubleshooting steps, you can bypass geo-restrictions and get back to streaming your favorite shows.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Amazon Prime Video Invalid_Geo_IP Error

Keep reading to discover what triggers the “Invalid_Geo_IP” message and how to resolve it for smooth Prime Video sailing. With a few location checks, network tweaks, and VPN adjustments, you’ll have the geo-error resolved in no time!

Pinpoint Your Physical Location

Geo-restrictions are the core cause of the “Invalid_Geo_IP” roadblock. Streaming services use your IP address to determine your device’s location. If you’re traveling abroad or using a VPN, your device’s region won’t match what Amazon expects.

Before changing settings, double-check your physical location. If you’re within the approved region for the content you want to watch, geo-restrictions aren’t the issue. Move on to network checks instead.

Refresh Your Network Connection

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If your account country aligns with your location, network conflicts could be mucking up your virtual location. Reset your modem and router to refresh the IP address assigned by your ISP.

Or manually change your device’s DNS settings following your manufacturer’s steps. This clears up IP confusion that can trigger “Invalid_Geo_IP.”

Update Your Amazon Account Settings

When creating your Amazon account, you select a home country/region. This must match your physical location to bypass geo-errors. Under Account Settings, verify your assigned country matches where you’re located.

If not, update it to reflect your current region. This syncs your account access to your IP address location. You may also need to update credit card and billing details.

Disable Your VPN or Proxy

Virtual private networks and proxies let you spoof your location, causing geo-mismatch issues. Temporarily disconnect your VPN app and clear your browser cache/data.

Streaming with your true public IP address eliminates the location discrepancy. But beware – this opens you to potential data privacy risks.

You may also try to switch to a different VPN service. Check out below some of the premium VPN services you can use:

Double Check Video Availability on Amazon Prime Video

The content you want to watch may not actually be available in your region, triggering the error. Use a third-party site like Unogs to check if the title is accessible from your current IP address.

If not, you’ll need to continue using a VPN to access restricted content – but select a server that matches your location.

Contact Amazon Customer Support

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If you’ve verified your account, location, and network settings, yet the geo error persists, it may be an issue on Amazon’s end. Reach out to customer support via chat or phone.

Provide your IP address and content access issues. An Amazon rep can investigate and resolve trickier location detection bugs.

With the right location checks and tweaks, you can override geo-restrictions and eliminate the “Invalid_Geo_IP” message for smooth Prime Video streaming. Don’t let regional limitations stand between you and your favorite movies and shows. A few targeted troubleshooting steps can help you bypass location errors for good.

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David Porter
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