How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Onn Roku Smart TV Issues

Onn is a reputable brand from Walmart that produces inexpensive Roku TVs that do all the fundamental functions you would anticipate for the costs they are asking. It is a reliable television that is affordable. You may view Netflix and watch movies on its sleek and smart LED TV, which offers average visual quality. In addition to being reasonably priced, this brand provides a great warranty program, giving you a reliable support system if anything goes wrong

One of the most well-known private-label smart TV brands, it offers TVs of different sizes and features. Most people may now enjoy excellent TV regardless of their financial situation, despite the quality being relatively low from the electronics market leaders. It excels at being decent and making good televisions, but like every brand, it occasionally runs into a few problems. The good news is that we will supply you with the common fixes:

Troubleshooting and Fixing Problems with Remote Control Device on Walmart Onn Smart TV

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If your Onn TV isn’t working, it could be because of the broken remote control device, so:

  • Put fresh batteries in place.
  • Verify that nothing is blocking the infrared light from the remote control to the ONN TV.
  • If nothing works, you’ll need to replace your remote because one of its internal parts might be broken.

How to Fix Apps on ONN Roku TV Aren’t Working

Some ONN TV customers have also complained that certain apps crash immediately or don’t respond when used with ONN TV. Try these:

  • In most cases, restarting your television can resolve the issue.
  • Check your device’s compatibility with the app.
  • The application may not be functioning; thus, check for any changes.
  • Clear the app’s cache and data by going to the settings menu on your TV and selecting the option for the problematic app. Clearing the cache and data can frequently fix app problems.
  • Disable VPN: If you’re using a VPN, see if you can get the problem away by turning it off. Some VPNs may restrict the internet connection on the TV.
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My Onn TV from Walmart Won’t Turn On

It could not be delightful if it won’t open when you want to unwind after a long day at work by watching TV. So here’s what you can do: 

  • Check your remote. Make sure it has batteries and is correctly positioned to send signals to your ONN TV. Get closer to the TV.
  • Verify your source of power. Plug another device into the same outlet after unplugging your TV. You can rule out a power source issue if this device powers on.
  • Reset the TV. First, take the power cable out. Hold off for an hour. Hold the power button as you reconnect the TV to the main outlet.

Dealing with Black Screen or No Display Glitch on Onn TV Device

ONN TV occasionally may display a blank screen with no display at all. Do these instead to fix screen display issues on your Onn Roku TV, and you won’t need to worry:

  • Check for errors on your remote.
  • To ensure the problem is not with the outlet, plug your TV into a different socket. Your TV could not receive the proper amount of electricity if the socket malfunctioned, which could cause problems like a dark screen.
  • You can also verify that the HDMI and power wires are securely connected to your TV and power source.
  • Additionally, try unplugging your ONN TV for a little while. When put back in, this will reestablish the connection and, hopefully, fix the issue.

Troubleshooting Onn TV Audio & Sound Issues

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Your enjoyment depends on the audio. You might be limited to the finest section by audio troubles. So here are some ideas for fixing it:

  • Verify that the connections are correctly connected and that the volume is not muted or excessive.
  • To determine if the issue is internal, use external devices.
  • Additionally, you must contact a certified technician if the TV sounds do not function with the external speakers.

Connectivity Issues when Using Onn TV

It is one of the frequent issues that many customers deal with. Our goal is to assist you with the following:

  • To begin with, you must determine whether the issue is with your wi-fi router or your ONN TV set. If other devices can successfully connect to your wi-fi router without any problems, then.
  • See whether your TV can connect to the wi-fi by turning it off for a while. 

How to Troubleshoot Onn TV Keeps Shutting Off Problem

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Remember, you are not alone if your Onn TV is acting strangely by regularly shutting off and ruining your enjoyment of your favorite TV show. To solve the problem:

  • Unplug your TV from the power source.
  • Disconnect your TV’s other external devices.
  • After a while, one at a time, reconnect the external drives and your TV to the power.
  • Check for available updates in the settings, then update it.
  • If you cannot perform a factory reset because your TV doesn’t remain on for very long, hold the reset button on the back or side of your Onn TV until it restarts.

Error Message “No Signal” on My Onn TV

This error message may display if there is a connectivity issue with your TV. To continue watching, try these: 

  • Turn off the TV for your safety first.
  • Ensure all your HDMI wires are plugged in correctly, then choose INPUT on your remote.
  • Select the HDMI source that is linked to your TV at this point. The corresponding HDMI port number must be chosen.

There is a last resort if you cannot resolve the mentioned problems alone.

  • Restore the factory default settings on your ONN TV. If it continued to fail,
  • To obtain further information, speak with the manufacturer. If necessary, they can offer more assistance or warranty service.

You might be dealing with this issue now, but don’t worry; ONN TV repairs are possible, just like any other electronic commodity. And there is always a solution to a problem. Hopefully, this article helped you with its troubleshooting process.

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