How to Turn Off & Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook App or Website

It is a huge advantage to have your videos played automatically. If you do not want the hassle of hitting the play button every time you want to watch a stream of videos, enabling the autoplay feature helps.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of autoplay videos is the noise it creates when you scroll down your Facebook timeline or the Watch tab, and the video blurts out a loud sound. It can be embarrassing and often annoying. Sometimes, it is playing content that you do not want to be associated with or see in any way.

How to Disable Facebook Videos from Playing Automatically
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If you do not want Facebook to autoplaying the videos as you scroll, you can stop the autoplay videos feature using this guide.

Steps to Disable Autoplay Videos on Facebook via Facebook Android App

  • Launch the Facebook app.
  • On the upper right corner, tap the three-lined icon.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy.
  • Select Settings and then select “Profile Settings for _username”
  • Navigate to Media & Contacts.
  • Go to Autoplay.
  • Look for the Never Autoplay Videos and turn it on.
Disable Autoplaying Videos on Facebook via Facebook Android

How to Turn off Autoplay Videos on Facebook via Facebook iOS App

  • Open the Facebook iOS app.
  • Tap the three-lined icon on the top right corner.
  • Navigate to Settings & Privacy.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Go to Preferences.
  • Select Media.
  • Navigate to the Autoplay section.
  • Look for the Never Autoplay Videos option and toggle the button to on.

How to Disable & Stop Videos from Playing Automatically on Facebook via Web Browser

  • On any web browser, go to
  • Login to your account.
  • Click the three-lined icon on the top right corner.
  • Select Settings & Privacy.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to the Videos section.
  • Turn off the autoplay feature.

How to Enable Autoplay Videos on Facebook

If you change your mind and want to revert to the autoplay feature, go to the Autoplay section of Facebook again. You can turn on either On Mobile Data and WiFi or On WiFi Connections Only.

When do you prefer to turn on the autoplay videos feature on Facebook? We are curious to know your answer, so please drop us one in the comment section below.

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