How to Get the New Roku Voice Remote Pro with Rechargeable Battery

Remote controls are useful but not at all environmentally friendly as most devices still use disposable batteries. Not only do these batteries cause a hazard to the environment, but it is also costly to buy them every now and then.

If you are constantly using your remote controls for streaming, it will surely get expensive. But for Roku streaming players, users may find a way out. Recently, news broke out that Roku is testing a new Roku Voice Remote Pro with a built-in rechargeable batteries. There is no public announcement, but according to Roku, they are working on bringing new products to their users and are testing new ideas to small sets of customers.

How to Get the New Roku Voice Remote Pro Upgrade with Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Credit: Kingtut206/Reddit

The Voice Remote Pro for Roku streaming devices is only available for a limited time and only 2,000 units are being offered. It holds to what Roku says that they are testing their new products to a small number of people. However, the offer may only apply to users who are members of the Roku Early Access Program.

Roku Voice Remote Pro Features

With the new voice remote control, navigating around your Roku device is easier and faster.

Credit: Roku

Lost Remote Finder – If ever you lost your Roku remote, it has a feature that lets you find it.

Hands-free Voice Control – Tired of pushing the buttons? Roku now allows you to say your commands. You can control the playback through your voice.

Shortcut Buttons – With the shortcut buttons, going around your Roku player is only a few steps.

Private Listening – The new remote integrates an audio jack for you to privately listen to what you are streaming.

Rechargeable Batteries – You no longer have to buy disposable ones for your remote.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is available for the price of $29.99. Unfortunately, Roku has not made it clear when the remote will be available to general users. The batteries can be charged using a Micro-USB cable connector.

Is the new Roku Voice Remote Pro with rechargeable battery worth the price and the upgrade? Let us know your answers in the comments down below.

UPDATE: The new Roku Voice Remote Pro with rechargeable battery is now available at Amazon. Go grab yours now!

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