How to Turn Off or Resume Store Demo Mode on a Hisense Smart TV

The store demo mode is a common feature in most smart TVs today. This is a special mode whose purpose is to demonstrate the features of the smart TV device while it is still on display in the store. 

If you happen to buy a Hisense smart TV, whether it’d be a Roku, Android or Google TV, that is still in its retail store demo mode, you might have a hard time switching it off once you set it up at home.

How to Remove or Disable and Resume Retail Store Demo Mode Feature on a Hisense Smart TV Device

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Here are the different ways to turn off and remove or resume store demo mode feature on your Hisense smart TV in your house with or without a remote control.

Using your Remote Control

The easiest and fastest way to turn off or resume store demo mode on your Hisense TV is to use its remote. Turn on your TV and grab the remote.

Press on the Home button on the remote and choose the Settings option. Scroll down and look for the Device Preferences option under the Settings menu. Look for the Retail Mode. From there, you can choose to turn it off or resume the feature.

This is how you use the remote to enable and disable the store demo mode feature. 

Using the Physical Buttons on your Hisense Smart TV 

If you’ve lost or misplaced the remote of your Hisense smart TV or on the rare chance that your device doesn’t come with one, you can also try turning off or resuming the store demo mode using your TV’s power button that you can find at the back panel or the side. 

Look for the menu button and press on it. Go to the Settings menu using the buttons for volume down and up and channel. Go to the Device Preferences option using the channel down button. 

Continue to use the same button to navigate and choose the option for Retail Mode. Press the OK button on your Hisense TV. From there, you can use to turn off or resume the store demo mode on your device. 

Power Cycle your Hisense TV

Congratulations if any of the two methods above helped you get rid of the store demo mode! But what if the feature keeps coming back? Since this can be very frustrating, your next best option is to power cycle your Hisense TV

To do this, unplug the device from its main power source. Don’t forget to disconnect all devices connected to the TV. Let the TV rest for 5 minutes before plugging it back into the power source. Turn on your TV once again to check if the store demo mode is gone. The reset should eliminate it and prevent it from coming back. 

Factory Reset your Hisense TV

There are times when even a power cycle might not be enough to remove the store demo mode. In this case, your last option is to just factory reset your TV. This will revert the device to its default settings when you first bought it. It will also restore it to the Home mode, which is what you want. 

Use the TV or remote button to go to the Settings of your device. Go to the Support menu choose Restore to Factory Settings and then click OK. 

Wrapping It Up

Learning how to turn off or resume store demo mode on Hisense smart TVs can make a big difference to your viewing experience and ensure that you’ll continue to use your device without any disruptions.

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