How to Fix Hisense Smart TV Not Working, Won’t Turn On After Firmware Update

A firmware update is critical for the optimal function of any device these days, and your Hisense Smart TV is no exception to the rule. Failure to download and install the necessary updates may result in app glitches, issues with the settings, and slower loading speeds. 

Unfortunately, several owners have been dealing with a more serious problem after they updated their Hisense Smart TV device to the latest software version. They are particularly annoyed that their device no longer works or turns on following the firmware upgrade.

How to Fix Hisense Smart TV Not Working or Won’t Turn On Issue After Installing Firmware Updates
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How to Fix Hisense Smart TV Not Working or Won’t Turn On Issue After Installing Firmware Upgrades

If this is the exact issue you’re facing right now, there are several things you can do to circumvent it. 

Enable ‘Auto Firmware Upgrade’ on your HiSense TV

Almost all Hisense Smart TVs these days have a built-in Auto Firmware Upgrade feature that automatically downloads and installs newly released firmware. 

The firmware will apply right away as long as your TV has an internet connection. If your Hisense TV comes with an integrated OTA update, this is one feature that you shouldn’t miss out on using. 

To activate it, just go to the Settings menu of your TV. Go to the tab for Support and click System Update. Activate Auto Firmware Upgrade. On the other hand, if your Hisense TV doesn’t have OTA, you are left with no other option but to complete the update manually. 

Check your Network Connection for Issues

A Hisense TV that has trouble forming a secure connection with your WiFi network will have a Check Now button that doesn’t do anything no matter how much you press on it.

Your TV needs a strong and stable WiFi connection for the update to download fully. But the good news is that you no longer need WiFi the moment the actual installation begins. Don’t forget to check your connection and ensure that everything is up and running. 

Power Cycle your Hisense Smart TV

Power cycling your Hisense Smart TV may also help it to work and turn on again after a firmware update. A power cycle or advanced reboot won’t erase any of the data or content of your device. Instead, it will only cycle the existing electricity and restart every operational service on your TV. 

Follow these steps to power cycle your Hisense Smart TV.

  1. Get the remote control of your TV and press the power button. 
  2. Disconnect the adapter after your TV is powered off. 
  3. Wait for one minute while the device is disconnected. 
  4. Connect the TV’s power cable to the standalone power outlet.
  5. Switch on your TV and start the update. 

Restore your Hisense Smart TV to Default Settings

You can also restore your TV’s initial software settings to get rid of any software glitches and misconfigurations

Data may get corrupted if your TV’s storage is already filled with a lot of apps which often leads to updates and software issues. Just keep in mind that this method will erase all the content, files, data, and settings on your Hisense Smart TV so be sure to back them up as needed. 

It’s ironic if your Hisense Smart TV suddenly doesn’t work or turn on after a firmware update. Be sure to follow the tips above so you can enjoy using your device to the fullest.

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