How to Update Parental Controls & Set Content Ratings on Disney Plus

Knowing what our kids watch on TV or online is vital in preventing undesirable influences on them. There are various kinds of content both on television and on the Internet. A lot of this information can bring an inappropriate frame of mind to our children.

That is why parental controls and content ratings are valuable when choosing a streaming service. Disney Plus has Parental Controls and Content Ratings feature to enable you to filter content that appears on the screen when your kids are watching. Parental Controls allows you to set the age as a basis on what videos will be shown on Disney+.

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The streaming service giant that brought us a manifold of memorable shows has various content ratings available for parents. TV-MA will show the full catalog on Disney Plus, including TV shows and movies with adult themes, violence, and curse words. TV-14 filters all this content but still add videos ideal for teens 14 and above. If your child is below that age, you can select PG 13 or PG, TV-PG.

How to Add & Manage Parental Controls for Kids Watching on your Disney+ Account

The Parental Controls feature is available on the Kids Profile of your Disney+ streaming subscription plan. If the current profiles under your Disney Plus account are not the Kids Profile, you can create a new one to set up Parental Controls.

  • Launch the Disney+ app on your mobile device.
  • Tap your Profile.
  • Select Add Profile.
  • Choose an avatar.
  • Enter a profile name.
  • On the Kids Profile option, toggle the button to Enable.
  • Tap Save.

If you want to change the Parental Controls setting on one of your current profiles, you can do so in just a few steps. Disney+ is prompting an option to add parental controls every time you log in to your account. You can choose to access the full catalog or stick to the 14+ content.

  • Launch the Disney Plus app on your mobile device or website on your PC.
  • Login to your account.
  • Choose your profile.
  • If you see the prompt to set up parental controls, tap or click Continue.
  • If you want 14+ content, tap or click Not Now. Otherwise, select Full Catalog.


How to Set & Select Content Ratings on Disney Plus

What if your kids are below 14 years old? You can still edit the content ratings based on their age.

  • On the main screen of Disney+, go to your Account.
  • Select the profile where you want to edit the content ratings.
  • Choose Content Ratings.
  • Enter your password.
  • Now, choose the appropriate ratings that you want for your kids.
  • Tap or click the Save button.
  • To add a PIN, go back to Parental Controls under Edit Profiles.
  • Tap or click Profile PIN.
  • Enter a 4-digit PIN.
  • Tap or click Save.

What is the content rating that you usually set for your kids when streaming under your Disney+ account? We would love to hear your story, so drop us a comment below.

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