How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Issues with Error Code 7, 28 or 6670

Are you experiencing problems using Amazon Prime Video to view your favorite movies, TV shows or add-on channels? If so, error codes 7, 28, or 6670 are probably at play.

When attempting to view the most recent episode or movie, these mistakes can make the experience frustrating.

However, there are a few easy measures you may do to rapidly resolve these problems and resume enjoying your content.


In this article, we’ll go over the reasons for these issues, as well as bit by bit guidance for fixing them, so you can continue partaking in your Amazon Prime Video membership like clockwork.

Overview Of Error Codes 7, 28, And 6670 For Amazon Prime Video

When you attempt to play a video from your library or a shared playlist but it fails due to insufficient bandwidth or a broken connection, error number 7 frequently appears on your Amazon Prime Video screen. It might also be brought on by buffering problems or server upkeep.

Prime Video error code 28 typically denotes a problem accessing content on the device itself or connecting to the server, such as invalid login information entered during the sign-in procedure or missing files necessary for playback.

When the Amazon Prime Video Store’s purchased video gives the error number 6670, make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the cost of the purchase or rental (if applicable).

How to Troubleshoot Streaming Issues & Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7, 28 or 6670

It’s crucial to remember that these problems are frequently brought on by a slow or unstable internet connection. This is why checking your network connection for stability and security is the first step in any troubleshooting procedure for streaming services like Amazon Prime Video.

Follow these steps to help troubleshoot and eventually fix error code 28, 6670 or error 7 on your Amazon Prime Video app or website.

  • First, try restarting your modem/router and any other attached devices to do this (such as TVs). For ideal execution, please, utilize an Ethernet link to associate straightforwardly to your switch as opposed to Wi-Fi.
  • Second, there are a few further measures you may take if you’re still unable to pass the problem code after checking your internet connection. If an app has gotten corrupted over time, for instance, cleaning away cached data from within the app may be helpful; uninstalling and reinstalling the app may also be required in this case.
  • Third, keeping both the hardware and the software that runs it up to date may be able to resolve any potential compatibility concerns. If none of these solutions have worked so far, your smartest choice might be to reach out to Amazon client assistance.
  • Checking network and device compatibility is the fourth step in resolving Amazon Prime Video problem codes 7, 28, or 6670. This can assist in eliminating any hardware-related problems that might be obstructing the streaming service. Check the speed of your internet connection first. For streaming HD video across many devices, a steady high-speed connection of at least 3 Megabits per second (Mbps) is advised.

Key Takeaways

It’s vital to first check your internet connection speed and double check that your device satisfies all the system requirements for running Amazon Prime Video successfully and error-free before performing additional procedures such as reinstalling the app or resetting your TV/device settings.

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