How to Fix Apple AirPods Max Plugged in But Not Charging to 100% Issue

Can’t quite get your AirPods Max to charge all the way to 100%? Find the battery getting stuck at 70, 80, or 90 percent no matter how long you leave them plugged in?

Don’t panic. Many AirPods Max owners face this headache. But some simple troubleshooting can get your headphones juicing up fully again.

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through every step to revive your AirPods Max charging past the 80% mark. We’ll also answer those extra questions Apple doesn’t tell you about wirelessly charging their luxury cans.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Apple AirPods Max Headphones Plugged in But Not Charging to 100% Issue

Ready to stop fretting over your partially charging headphones? Let’s begin fixing the AirPods Max error.

Solution #1 – Give Those Apple AirPods Max Charging Contacts a Thorough Cleaning

Dirty charging pins are a sneaky reason devices fail to charge properly. Those small metal contacts need direct connection to transmit power. A bit of pocket lint, grease, or grim can break that crucial contact.

  • Take a dry, soft cloth or a Q-tip
  • Gently rub the charging contacts on both the AirPods Max and Lightning cable
  • Ensure no dirt or debris remains on the metal pins
  • Pay special attention to the recessed circular contacts inside the Lightning port

This 30 second cleaning can instantly get your AirPods battery charging to 100% again. Don’t skip such a quick and easy first step!

Solution #2 – Update Apple AirPods Max Firmware to Squash Charging Bugs

Apple is constantly tweaking and improving AirPods performance through firmware updates. These downloads often specifically target battery and charging issues.

  • Connect your AirPods Max and iPhone to the same WiFi network
  • Pop your headphones in the case and plug it into power
  • Place near your iPhone with Bluetooth enabled
  • Follow the prompts on your iPhone to download the latest firmware

This pushes fresh software directly onto the AirPods themselves. With any luck, the new firmware has the code fix needed to terminate your charging troubles. Updates take just a few minutes, so this is an essential step before further troubleshooting.

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Solution #3 – Try Reset Apple AirPods Max to Factory Settings

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Restarting a phone often fixes problems, right? Your AirPods Max also benefit from the classic “turn it off and on again” trick. A reset erases any glitches in the current software causing the charging issue.

  • Press and hold the noise control button + digital crown
  • Don’t let go until the status light flashes amber (about 15 seconds)
  • Your headphones will restart, wiping settings back to factory defaults

This fresh slate can mark the end of your battery charging woes. At the very least, it rules out any software bugs preventing that last 20% charge.

Solution #4 – Test With Different Power Sources and Cables

Before assuming the headphones are faulty, methodically try different combinations of power sources, cables, and wall adapters. This isolates whether the issue lies with the:

  • Wall outlet
  • Lightning cable
  • Charging brick
  • AirPods Max themselves

Swap Lightning cables and charge using different USB ports or wall adapters. Pay attention to if the charging improvement stems from the cable or power source.

Refine your testing until only the AirPods remain as the culprit. This saves wasting time resetting or cleaning headphones working fine with certain cable and outlet pairings.

Why Doesn’t My Apple AirPods Case Also Charge the Headphones?

The included Smart Case provides safe transport and storage for your AirPods Max. But unlike the AirPods Pro case, it does not charge the headphones when placed inside. The case lacks wireless charging coils.

Instead, the Smart Case puts the AirPods Max into an ultra low power mode. This minimizes battery drain when not in use. But you must supply external power through the Lightning port to actually recharge.

Does Charging Speed on AirPods Max Matter for Battery Health?

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Will faster charging wear out your AirPods Max battery quicker? Generally, no. Charging speed does not directly correlate to lifespan reduction.

Actually, minimizing time spent at 100% charge aids battery longevity. That’s why your AirPods Max may hold at 80% before finishing the last 20% right before you need them. This reduces stressful maximum charge states.

For day to day use, charge normally with available adapters without worry about degrading your battery. Just use certified cables and avoid leaving them fully charged 24/7 to maximize battery health over years.

Can I Replace AirPods Max Batteries Myself?

Apple does not recommend users open or self-service AirPods Max. The batteries are not user-replaceable.

Tampering with the internals can damage the headphones and void your warranty. Instead, contact Apple Support if you believe the battery needs service.

Technically, the batteries can be replaced by a skilled technician. But Apple intentionally makes self-servicing difficult, similar to their approach with iPhones and MacBooks.

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