How to Fix Dish Network Error Code 015, 015a or 535

There is always something amazing and downright comforting with the thought of lounging comfortably on your favorite couch at home while watching TV. After spending a long tiring day at home, this is the kind of escape that everyone needs and deserves.

This demand for rest and relaxation paved the way for the soaring popularity of cable services that often come with subscription packages. One famous provider of cable services is none other than Dish Network.

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Despite being packed with features, Dish Network still has some drawbacks, specifically those related to error codes such as 015, 015a, or 535.

Effective Methods to Resolve Dish Network Error Code 015, 015a or 535

The following are some steps you can take to try to fix these Dish Network errors:

Check All Dish Network Connections and Cables

One of the most common causes of error codes on your Dish Network subscription is because of loose or damaged cables that connect the receiver to the dish. Take your time checking for rodents’ bites, cuts, corrosion, or kinks on the cables.

See to it that all the cables are also securely connected to the receiver, the switch, and the dish. You can also try switching the cables with other ports or getting new ones as replacements if there are spare ones available.

Inspect the Alignment of the Dish

If strong winds or something else moved your dish even during fine weather, it’s possible that it doesn’t point at the correct angle to get the signal.

  • Try using your smartphone app or a compass to identify the correct elevation and azimuth for the dish according to your zip code and location.
  • Loosen the bolts on your dish mount with a wrench and then make adjustments until you match the coordinates.
  • You can ask someone to monitor your TV screen and inform you if there is an improvement in the signal strength.

Examine the Dish Network Receiver 

The receiver itself might be the cause of the issue if none of the above steps worked.

  • You can unplug it from its power outlet for up to 10 seconds and then plug it back in again to reset the receiver.
  • You can also update the software of the receiver. Just press the remote’s menu button, choose Settings followed by Diagnostics, Tools, and Update Software.

Go Through the Dish Network Receiver LNB and Switch

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The switch is the device that lets you connect several receivers to a single dish. The LNB, on the other hand, is the part of your dish responsible for receiving and amplifying the signal coming from the satellite. You may encounter error codes if something is wrong with any of these two components.

You can test them by running a check switch test from the menu of your receiver. Doing so will scan all the transponders and satellites that the dish will be able to receive and show a summary on the screen.

When there are fewer transponders or satellites shown than expected or there are error codes or red Xs, something might be wrong with your LNB or switch. You can seek help from a technician or get new replacements for them.

The next time you see error codes 015, 015a, or 535 on your Dish network, don’t hesitate to try the above steps to fix the issue.

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