How to Fix Dolby Vision HDR Washed Out Colors or Look Too Dark

Users of Dolby Vision HDR’s high-end technology can enjoy an image on their TV displays that is more vivid and lifelike. However, some users of this technology can experience washed-out colors or an HDR picture that looks too dull, dim or dark.

There are a few solutions if you’re having similar problems. We’ll look at a few of the solutions that come up in web search results in this article.

How to Fix Dolby Vision HDR Washed Out Colors or HDR Looks Too Dim and Dark Issue

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Modify the TV’s Settings

Users can improve the Dolby Vision picture quality by changing their TV’s settings. Depending on the TV type and the viewing situation, different settings may be best. Users can, however, adhere to a few fundamental recommendations to get better picture quality.

One user recommended utilizing the Dolby Vision dark mode, with the color temperature set to custom, the brightness at 45%, the color at 50%, the sharpness at 0, and the backlight at no more than 50% for Dolby Vision since that setting corresponds to the technology’s maximal luminosity. 

Any illumination that is too strong may blur the picture and obscure features in light areas. For the best visual quality, another user suggested switching the picture preset to Movie or Cinema mode. 

On a Philips OLED, however, one user discovered that switching to Dolby Dark mode washed out the image and suggested switching to Natural mode with brightness set at 5.

To determine the setting that works best for your TV model and viewing area, it is imperative to experiment with several settings. To locate the suggested TV settings, you can also consult your TV’s manual or online discussion boards.

Activate HDR On Your Computer

Users can enable HDR or UHD (Ultra-HD) picture quality on their PC to enhance the image quality if their screen displays washed-out colors. Press Win + I and select System Display to enable HDR on your computer. Use HDR may be turned on in Windows 11 and Windows 10 by first selecting Windows HD Color Settings and then turning on Use HDR.

TV Compatibility Check

Dark visuals are typically a result of the TV’s default settings or its inability to support high-end HDR features. When the TV cannot reach Dolby’s brightness levels, the screen may appear dull. 

If the TV is unable to do so, it must make up for this by tone-mapping the settings. After being turned off and back on, certain TVs could also revert to their factory default settings. 

To provide the optimal Dolby Vision experience, users should verify their TV’s compatibility and update their TV’s firmware.

The majority of TV makers provide firmware updates that can enhance the TV’s functionality and compatibility with cutting-edge technology like Dolby Vision HDR. If your TV model has any updates available, check the website of the TV maker.

Make HDR/SDR Brightness Balance Adjustments

Those who experience difficulty with the brightness balance between HDR and SDR video can alter the HDR/SDR brightness balance to get the ideal brightness balance. 

  1. Right-click the desktop and choose Display Settings to do this. 
  2. Under ‘Adjust your displays’, pick the HDR-capable display. 
  3. You can adjust the HDR display by moving the Settings window there. 
  4. Choose Windows HD Color options from the Display settings screen. 
  5. Drag the slider under HDR/SDR brightness balance to find the ideal level of brightness for HDR and SDR content.

Hope this helps!

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