Fix Error 012-1206-403 or 013-1300-401 on ABC, FXNow & Freeform Apps

Nothing’s more irritating than trying to stream the latest episode of your favorite TV show, only to get slapped with a vague “authorization error”. Ugh!

If you’ve seen the codes 012-1206-403 or 013-1300-401 pop up on ABC, FXNow or Freeform streaming apps, don’t panic. In this guide, we’ll walk through the top troubleshooting tips to beat these account authorization issues and get back to streaming your must-see content.

What’s Causing the Authorization Errors on ABC Streaming Platforms?

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Before we fix, let’s quickly understand what triggers these authorization errors in the first place.

Error codes 012-1206-403 and 013-1300-401 indicate that this account authentication check failed for some reason.

Some common causes include:

  • Outdated or changed TV provider credentials
  • App version mismatch with your provider’s systems
  • Corrupt cached data interfering with validation
  • Temporary service outage

Basically, something’s blocking the apps from getting the green light from your TV provider. Knowing the source of the issue guides troubleshooting.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Error Code 012-1206-403 or 013-1300-401 on ABC, FXNow and Freeform Apps

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Now let’s get into the fixes to beat these authorization errors!

Sign Out and Sign Back In

If your credentials have changed recently, the apps may be trying to authorize with old or incorrect sign-in details.

The simple fix is to sign out completely, then sign back in with your updated credentials:

  • Open the ABC, FXNow or Freeform app
  • Go to account or profile settings
  • Select “Sign Out”
  • Enter your TV provider details again and sign back in

Re-entering fresh credentials will hopefully allow successful authorization now!

Clear App Cache and Data

Outdated cached data can sometimes get corrupted and interfere with the apps communicating properly for authorization.

Clearing the cache and app data gives things a fresh start:

  • Go to your device Settings, select Apps
  • Choose the ABC, FXNow or Freeform app
  • Select Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • Restart the app and try accessing restricted content again

With stale data wiped, authorization should now work correctly.

Update to the Latest App Version

Make sure the app is fully updated on your device. The latest version will be compatible with your TV provider’s authorization systems.

Older versions may explain the authorization errors. Updating the app solves this:

  • Open the App Store / Google Play Store
  • Go to My Apps & Games
  • Check for any available updates for the ABC, FXNow or Freeform app
  • Select Update to install the latest version

Now open the app again and authorization should go through seamlessly.

Verify Your Internet Connection

Spotty internet can interfere with the app’s ability to communicate with your TV provider for authorization.

Make sure you’re on a solid WiFi or mobile data connection without slowdowns or dropouts.

Try toggling Airplane mode on/off to refresh the connection. Then reopen the app and retry authorization.

Contact Customer Support

If you still get 012-1206-403 or 013-1300-401 errors after trying all troubleshooting steps, your last resort is to contact customer support:

Explain the issue and error code. Provide details on the steps you’ve tried. The support reps can investigate further and escalate technical issues if needed.

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