How to Fix Soundbar Audio Delay or Lag or Out of Sync on Samsung TV

Samsung TVs are excellent, being some of the best selling televisions in the tech world. The Korean tech company has come to truly nail the process of making great TVs in basically every price bracket.

There’s a lot to love with every Samsung TV, especially in terms of performance, and we’re not surprised they’re so beloved. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect though.

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Any Samsung TV user can attest to facing some issues with their device within its lifespan. One of the more common ones that frequently comes up is the soundbar audio being delayed relative to the content on-screen.

It’s a frustrating issue to deal with, and audio being completely out of sync with what you’re watching is a high road to breaking immersion, so what can you do about it?

Top Solutions to Fix Soundbar Audio Lag or Out of Sync with Samsung TV

Fixing this issue on Samsung TV will take some elbow grease and a basic understanding of TVs, but overall it’s fairly simple. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled several guides below to simplify things further.

These guides are concise, easy to read, and will help you solve your sound issue in no time, granted you follow the steps properly. So, without further ado, let’s get to fixing this annoying audio delay!

Check the Audio Delay Settings on Your Soundbar

  • Many soundbars have built-in audio delay adjusters for issues just like this.
  • Refer to your soundbar’s manual to see if yours has this feature.
  • If it does, then adjust it accordingly.
  • Test it with your Samsung TV to make sure everything’s synced up properly.

Change Your Samsung TV’s Audio Sync Settings

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  • Most Samsung TVs have options for adjusting audio sync.
  • Go to your Samsung TV’s Settings menu.
  • Browse to the audio section.
  • Search for the “Audio Sync” or “Audio Delay” functions.
  • Adjust the sound accordingly.

Change Your Samsung TV’s Audio Enhancement Settings

  • Certain audio enhancements can cause your audio to be delayed.
  • Go to your Samsung TV’s audio settings.
  • Check for audio output enhancements like Dolby Digital.
  • If there’s an option for it, switch it to basic Stereo sound.
  • Save the option.
  • Now, test your Samsung TV and soundbar for delay again.

Reset your Soundbar

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  • Resetting your soundbar can often fix delay related issues.
  • To reset your soundbar, you’ll need to refer to your soundbar’s manual.
  • Find the proper method and reset your soundbar accordingly.
  • Let the soundbar return to its default settings.
  • Test it with your Samsung TV to make sure everything’s synced up properly.

If you’ve followed all these steps accordingly, then you should find your audio delay issues gone. Audi syncing can be a tricky problem to deal with, but with the right steps and a little bit of effort, troubleshooting it isn’t too difficult.

We hope we managed to help you solve your problem, and for more fixes and tips like these, stay tuned!

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