How to Fix Spotify Wrapped 2022 Not Working or Not Showing up

There might be some factors preventing your Spotify Wrapped 2022 from functioning as intended. A bug, an out-of-date build for the Android or iOS mobile app, or some other hiccup might be to blame for the 2022 Wrapped not working or not showing up issue on the Spotify music streaming platform.

How to Fix Spotify Wrapped 2022 Recap Video Won’t Load, Not Working or Not Showing up

This practical guide will address these concerns, along with recommendations for implementing permanent fixes for the problem so you can view your Spotify Wrapped recap video and listen to your year-end song playlist.

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Turn Off Spotify

If Spotify Wrapped 2022 is malfunctioning, the first thing you should do to fix the issue is to stop the program forcibly. Force-quitting an app is sometimes all needed to fix an issue with that program.

  • To force close Spotify, bring up the app switcher and swipe up.
  • To see whether “#SPOTIFYWRAPPED, Your 2022 in Review” has been featured on the Spotify homepage, launch the app on your device and tap the menu button. If the Wrapped section isn’t visible on the main page, hit the search symbol in the footer; it should load at the very top.

Give Spotify App an Update on your Mobile Device

It’s important to note that Spotify Wrapped rollouts may not occur simultaneously across all regions. As a result, please be patient and check the app again in a few days; Wrapped should then be available.

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  • First, get the latest version of Spotify on your gadget.
  • One other thing you may try is downloading the latest version of the Spotify app. If you haven’t updated Spotify in a while, the likelihood that an old version is to blame increases significantly.
  • Simply launch your preferred app store, search for Spotify, and update the app as normal.

Exit Spotify and Re-Enter your Account Credentials

When the Spotify app isn’t working as intended, logging out and back in often fixes the issue. In light of the success of this hack, you should attempt it.

  • To log out of Spotify, open the app, go to the “Home” tab at the bottom of the screen, then hit the “Settings” button in the upper-right corner of the screen, and finally select the “Log Out” option.
  • Then, enter your credentials again to log in.

Perform a Device Restart

I have successfully overcome a malfunctioning app so many times by just restarting an iPhone or Android smartphone that I have lost count. Try it out; it won’t do any damage to your data and is easy to implement.

Delete All Spotify Cache

Clearing the app’s cache may let you see the Spotify Wrapped 2022 review again.

  • Launch Spotify on your gadget, then tap the menu bar and choose the Home option.
  • Then, at the upper right, choose the gear icon, go to the Storage menu, and finally, select Clear Cache before confirming.

Try Uninstalling and Reinstalling Spotify App on your Android or iOS Device

When everything else fails, uninstall Spotify and reinstall it on your smartphone. Sometimes starting again with a clean install may solve a problem.

This complete troubleshooting tutorial for resolving the Spotify Wrapped issue on iOS and Android has now come to a close. What I’ve found is that upgrading the program or force-closing it often fixes the problem.

Please share your successful tip with me. And if there’s anything else you can think of that does the trick, please let me know.

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