How to Fix Upstream Connect Error or Disconnect Issue on Spotify Web App

Spotify has been getting bigger and better by the day, thanks to its continuous improvements in terms of features and services. However, despite these, Spotify isn’t exempted from glitches and bugs now and then. 

One of the most common issues among the Spotify web app users is the Upstream Connect error. Sadly, it’s not a new error as it has been a nuisance for many Spotify users for some time now.

The error message that might get shown on your PC screen might state:

“upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure, transport failure reason: delayed connect error: 111”

How to Workaround and Fix Upstream Connect Error or Disconnect Issue on Spotify Web App

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If you’ve been facing the same issue, here are a few things you can do to save yourself from headaches:

Refresh and Reload the Page 

The Upstream Connect error on your Spotify web app may occur because of an outdated page. If this is the case, all you have to do is to refresh the Spotify web app page on your browser. You can do this by forcefully scrolling down on the homepage until you refresh the screen. Once you’re done, check if the error is gone. 

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache 

It’s quite ironic but there are times when the tools meant to make things more convenient for you can also be the cause of inconvenience. The perfect examples of these are the cache and cookies on your device.

Your device’s cache data saves information about certain programs to help them load faster when you access them next time. But if you haven’t been routinely cleaning your device’s cache memory, chances are it will cause the device memory to back up. Since the memory is no longer available, the functions intended for faster loading won’t work anymore. 

Always make it a point to clear the cookies and cache on both your browser and device to prevent the Upstream Connect error on your Spotify web app. This will clear the memory, allowing a seamless connection to the platform. 

Check the Spotify Web App Server Status

If you’re dealing with the Upstream Connect error on your Spotify web app, it’s also possible that the app server is down. To rule out the possibility of internal server error, use a down detector website.

These websites send pings to servers to identify whether the server has crashed or not. You can also view the map of recent troubles and outages with the server on other websites. 

If ever the server itself is down, your best resort is to submit a support request. Sadly, after this, the only thing left for you to do is wait until Spotify fixes the server on its end. 

Update your Web Browser Version to Latest Upgrade

Your device’s web browser needs regular updates similar to other apps or programs. Since your web browser is a tool that serves as the mediator between you and all internet programs, it requires access to the most updated tools for it to remain compatible with the ever-changing platforms. 

If you’re constantly getting the Upstream Connect error, this could be an indication that the tool you’re using to access the Spotify platform is already outdated, which is your web browser in this case. 

Be sure to check for updates for your web browser and don’t hesitate to update its newest version right away if ever there is one available. 

If you’re trying to fix the Upstream Connect error on Spotify web app, the above steps may be able to help solve the problem for you in no time.

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