List of the Best Free Streaming Apps to Watch Live Boxing Matches

No matter how much you love to watch live boxing matches, sadly, it’s not always easy. Things can even get more challenging if you like to watch a certain fight. You have to determine the service it’s on and if you can even stream it in your region or country.

But worry no more! Whether you’re new to the boxing world or you have been an avid fan for years, the following are some of the best free streaming apps to watch live boxing matches that you should add to your list.

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Full List of Free Streaming Apps to Watch Live Boxing Matches


Kodi is among the best apps for home digital entertainment today that boasts almost unlimited live streaming, a user-friendly media catalog, and an extensive quantity of third-party extensions from worldwide developers.

The app works as a streaming and media storage app. You can start watching free live boxing matches with the right setup. With an excellent user interface, you can access TV shows, movies, and music content on Kodi.

Live Net TV

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Live Net TV is among the most popular streaming apps among boxing aficionados, carrying over 800 channels. The live events section is the app’s special feature that sets it apart from others of its kind. 

It also lists all major boxing matches and upcoming sporting events. To view the available details, you just have to choose the event that you plan to watch and select the available channels you need.

Live Sports HD TV

Access to various disciplines under a single roof is always the best choice for certified lovers of sports. Live Sports HD TV is the best streaming app where you can watch live boxing matches for free, as well as wrestling, soccer, cricket, and more.

The app has an extensive selection of HD sports channels so you can enjoy all of the best global competitions right on your device.


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Mobdro app collects free video content online. ure. Users are also allowed to stream the second kind of content from different TV networks including CNN, Cartoon Network, CBC, and ABC.

Redbox TV

Redbox TV is the dedicated app for live TV streaming promising a box full of entertainment. This app has numerous channels from 19 countries such as the USA, the UK, Spain, Australia, Germany, France Pakistan, Turkey, Arabic, and more.

Among the most striking sections of the site is its sports category which lets you enjoy PPV events including boxing, WWE, UFC, and other popular live sports events such as soccer.

TVTap Pro

UKTV’s updated version, TVTap Pro boasts a modern beautiful interface with 900 live TV channels. Many of the app’s channels are from Europe with plenty of box channels also available. These include ESPN, Fox Sports, BT Sport, Sky, and DAZN.

These are just some of the best free streaming apps to watch live boxing matches that you can try to check out to enjoy your favorite sports to the fullest.

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