List of Free Live TV Streaming Channels or Networks Available on Xfinity Stream App

The Xfinity Stream app is a Comcast app that makes it possible for all Xfinity cable subscribers to watch and live stream their favorite TV channels on the go on any device. 

Whether you’re an Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile phone, Google Chromecast or Apple user, you can use the app to watch news channels, live sports events, and popular networks. You can also browse and choose from the extensive library of on-demand TV shows and movies on your smartphone. 

Xfinity users love the app because it makes their watching experience even more exciting, especially today when mobile TV is seeing a growing and increasing demand by the day. 

Are There Live Channels or Networks Free to Access on Xfinity Stream App?

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The good news is that the Xfinity Stream app does give you access to every single channel that comes with your Xfinity TV bundle. From the home screen, you can view the channel being played at the moment. 

There is also a menu option where you can search for the specific networks or channels that you like. You can even view the complete list of the different live channels that are available for you to access. 

Xfinity Stream App also takes the entertainment and streaming experience to a whole new level as it now includes more TV shows and live movies that users can discover and watch all for free. 

Xfinity is committed to making sure that its users won’t be missing out on the hottest releases even if they’re on a budget. With the Xfinity Stream app, you can now get more than 20 streaming TV or FAST channels from NBC, Sky, and Xumo Play that are free and supported by ads. All Xfinity users can watch these live channels at no additional fee whether or not they are subscribed to Xfinity videos.

How to Access these Free Channels and Networks on your Xfinity Stream App

After you sign into the Xfinity Stream app, users will be able to see and browse through the free movies and TV shows that are seamlessly incorporated into the channel guide and other parts of the app. 

Thanks to this integration, Xfinity users can easily surf through both the FAST channels and subscribed channels to search for a TV series or movie they would want to watch. This eliminates the need to switch from one app to another, further simplifying the viewing experience. 

List of Xfinity Stream App’s Available Free Live TV Streaming Channels you Can Watch Now

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The new free live TV streaming channels that you can access on the Xfinity Stream app include SkyNews, NBC News NOW, Dust, Stingray Music Channels, Tastemade, Shout Factory TV, HSN2, QVC as well as 19 channels and networks that are all under the Xumo brand.

  • NBC News Now
  • Sky News
  • Dust
  • Stingray Music Channels
  • Tastemade
  • Shout Factory TV
  • HSN2
  • QVC
  • XUMO Free Action Movies
  • XUMO Free Black Cinema
  • XUMO Free Bollywood & Indian Cinema
  • XUMO Free Comedy Movies
  • XUMO Free Comedy TV
  • XUMO Free Crime TV
  • XUMO Free Documentaries
  • XUMO Free Drama & Action TV
  • XUMO Free Family Movies
  • XUMO Free Food TV
  • XUMO Free Game Show
  • XUMO Free Horror & Thriller Movies
  • XUMO Free KIDS
  • XUMO Free Movies
  • XUMO Free Reality TV
  • XUMO Free Sci Fi & Fantasy Movies
  • XUMO Free Travel & Lifestyle
  • XUMO Free Westerns
  • XUMO Her Free Movies

With these new offerings, users can choose from a huge selection of news, TV shows, and movies that span all their favorite genres including black cinema, crime TV, comedy, game shows, lifestyle, kids, reality TV, and a whole lot more. And if these are not yet enough, Comcast also announced its plans to include more FAST channels in their Xfinity Stream app soon. 

Xfinity Stream app is poised to make the streaming and viewing experience better and more exciting as more free live streaming channels are added into the mix.

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