How to Get the New Vizio Voice Command TV Remote Control

Vizio introduced a new feature in its upcoming series of SmartCast TV devices called the Vizio Voice system. It comes with a brand-new push-to-talk Bluetooth voice-controlled remote with a built-in microphone. The virtual-assistant functionality has been around some years back for other TV and set-top box manufacturers. It’s just now that Vizio has joined the bandwagon offering a voice-activated streaming experience.

What is Vizio Voice System

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Vizio Voice will allow users to update settings on their TV, find channels or search for new shows, as well as open apps. There are a host of other functionalities that you can do with the new Bluetooth clicker using voice commands.

The new voice system from Vizio supports natural language queries. Users can build upon search results without the need to say the entire query again. Vizio Voice directly competes with industry-leaders Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa which are being utilized and integrated into the streaming devices produced by brands such as Sony, LG, TCL, Samsung, and HiSense.

Prior to the release of the Vizio Voice system, Vizio smart TVs can be paired to Siri or connected to a Google or Amazon smart speaker so the users can use a few voice commands. Today, the system is now built right into your Vizio TV with a long list of voice commands you can use. The SmartCast mobile app on your Android phone or iOS device works hand-in-hand with Vizio Voice for a smoother response.

How to Get a Vizio SmartCast TV with Vizio Voice Bluetooth Remote Control

Vizio M65Q6-J 2021 Model with Vizio Voice Remote Control (Buy at Walmart)/Vizio

If you simply want to get your hands onto the new Bluetooth voice-control remote, apparently, you are not in luck, as Vizio is not selling the new clicker on its own. You need to get the latest 2021 models and up of Vizio TVs to avail of the new remote. Older models that are still on sale will not get the new voice remote.

As of this writing, only 2 M-Series TV models are out in the market. However, more 2021 streaming devices including a series of 2022 Vizio TV line-ups will be launched in the coming months. Almost all upcoming TV models including Series V, M, and P TVs will get the new Vizio Voice remote with the exception of the D-series which are Vizio’s entry-level offering.

Here is the list of Vizio M and P Series TV models that come with the Vizio Voice remote control:

  • P85QX-J – 85-inch
  • P75Q9-J – 75-inch
  • P65Q9-J – 65-inch
  • M75Q7-J – 75-inch
  • M75Q6-J – 75-inch
  • M70Q7-J – 70-inch
  • M70Q6-J – 70-inch
  • M65Q7-J – 65-inch
  • M65Q6-J – 65-inch (Get Now at Walmart)
  • M58Q7-J – 58-inch
  • M55Q7-J – 55-inch
  • M55Q6-J – 55-inch (Get Now at Walmart)
  • M50Q7-J – 50-inch
  • M50Q6-J – 50-inch
  • M43Q6-J – 43-inch
Vizio M55Q6-J 2021 Model with Vizio Voice Remote Control (Buy at Walmart)/Vizio

Apart from the Vizio Voice remote control, the Vizio TV models mentioned above also come loaded with amazing features as well as much-needed system improvements. You will enjoy support for the latest gaming features, full-array local dimming, and improved image quality with high brightness.

Which Vizio TV with voice remote are you getting soon?

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  1. When will there be a voice activated control for the D series for those of us who cannot afford a new TV since we bought the Vizio a year or year and a half ago??


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