Complete List of Commands for Sky Q Voice Control Remote

Sky launched the Sky Q to replace the Sky+ services. Sky Q offers an all-in-one platform where you can stream your favorite TV channels and access your streaming apps. It comes with a sleek and slim TV box that is more compact than Sky+ boxes.

Sky Q has excellent features that will make your viewing experience more enjoyable. It has a voice-control function using the remote that allows you to say the name of the movie you want to watch. You can also split your screen and has Ultra HD features.

Now, you can do more with Sky Q’s voice control remote with additional commands that you can use anytime. Not only can you say the name of the title you want to play, but there are also other commands to try out, like searching for a film or changing TV channels.

Complete List of Voice Control Commands for Sky Q and Sky Q Mini

Credit: Sky Q

Access the Main Menu

If you want to open the Main Menu or go to the Home Page, there are several commands you can say.

  • “Main Menu”
  • “Take me to Main Menu.”
  • “Home Screen”
  • “Home”
  • “Go to Home”
  • “Go Home”
  • “Homepage”
  • “Go to Main Menu”

Opens Sky Q TV Apps

To open any app on your Sky Q TV, just say the “App name.”

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Search on Sky Q TV

If you want to search for something on Sky Q, say the name of the channel, movie genre, movie title, actor name, director name, picture format, or star ratings of movies. For instance, if you want to search for movies with 4-star ratings, say “4-star movies.”

Changing Channels

There are several ways to change the channels.

  • If you want to move up one channel, say “Channel Up”, “Up Channel”, or “Move Channel Up.”
  • If you want to move down one channel, say “Channel Down”, “Down Channel”, or “Move Channel Down.”
  • If you want to change to a specific channel, say “Tune to (Channel name or number)”, “Change to (Channel name or number)”, or “Change Channel to (Channel name or number).”
Credit: Sky

Turning Subtitles and Audio On or Off

  • Turn on/off subtitles – “Subtitles On/Off” or “Turn Subtitles On/Off”
  • Turn on/off audio descriptions – “Audio Description On/Off” or “Turn Audio Description On/Off”

Open Recordings

Below are commands you can say to open the Recordings Menu.

  • “Go to recordings”
  • “Take me to recordings”
  • “Open recording area”
  • “Planner”
  • “Go to planner”
  • “My planner”
  • “Open recordings”
  • “Open my recordings”
  • “My recordings”

Open New Series

To launch the New Series menu, say “Go to new series” or “New series.”

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Open Help Menu

There are different commands to launch the Help Menu.

  • “Give me some help”
  • “Please help me”
  • “Please help”
  • “Help me”
  • “Open help”
  • “Help”
  • “Go to help”
  • “Take me to help”
  • “Help with Sky Q”

Access Exit Menu

To go to the Exit menu, say the following commands.

  • “Exit button”
  • “Exit”
  • “Cancel Guide”
  • “Press cancel”
  • “Dismiss”
  • “Cancel”

Switch Sky Q to Standby

If you want to turn off Sky Q, say these commands.

  • “Turn STB off”
  • “Go to sleep”
  • “Sky Q off”
  • “Standby”
  • “Power off”
  • “Skybox off”

Open the TV Guide

There are ways to access the TV Guide.

  • “Go to TV guide”
  • “Guide”
  • “Listings”
  • “Open TV Guide”
  • “Open channel list”
  • “Open channel grid”
  • “Go to grid”
  • “Open guide”
  • “Channel list”

Open Settings Menu

To access the Settings, say “Go to settings area”, “Settings”, “Go to settings”, or “Open settings”.

Control Playback Functions

During playback, you can also use voice control.

  • Pause – “Pause now”, Pause the TV”, “Stop”, “Pause now”, “Freeze”, or “Pause TV”
  • Play – “Start playing”, “Carry on playing”, “Play”, “Continue watching” “Playback”, “Start watching”, “Begin playing”, or “Play now”
  • Fast Forward – “Fast forward” or “Forward”
  • Rewind – “Rewind”
  • Play from Beginning – “Watch from Start”
  • Play Specific Recording – “Play “
  • Play Next Episode – “Next highlight”, “Next one”, “Next episode”, “Move”, or “Next”

Which is your favorite command to say on Sky Q voice-control remote? We are curious! Write your thoughts below.

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