How to Sign up & Get The Coda Collection on Amazon Prime Video Channels

Stellar performances of artists and music icons are not limited to what we see in the mainstream. Behind the scenes and exclusive footage can give a deeper storyline to the lives and journeys of these iconic stars and their masterpieces.

The Coda Collection features a library showpiece of some of the greatest moments, stories, and reviews in the music industry. Films and documentaries that have never been shown before are available and curated for the entertainment and knowledge of music fanatics and followers. With over 150 videos that you can stream, The Coda Collection offers a breakthrough that will bring to light unknown histories in music.

Image credit by The Coda Collection

Now, it will be worth it to subscribe and access all these gems when you add The Coda Collection to your Amazon Prime Video Channels account. Amazon Prime members will have monthly access to the library collection for $4.99 per month. You also get a seven-day free trial upon signing up.

How to Subscribe to Free Trial & Add The Coda Collection Channel to your Amazon Prime Video Channels Account

Amazon Prime Video allows users to curate all their streaming service preferences in one place. It offers easy access to all TV shows and movies without jumping from one app to another. With the addition of The Coda Collection as a channel on Amazon Prime Video, all titles will be part of your Amazon Prime Video library.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Video subscription plan, you can sign up for only $12.99 per month. You will also get a 30-day free trial upon subscription. Here’s how to get the channel as an add-on to your membership with your Amazon Prime account.

Image credit by The Coda Collection

Click here to sign up for The Coda Collection 7-day free trial on Prime Video Channels!

The Coda Collection is a beautiful addition to your streaming library for added diversity and depth to all your content. Start streaming exclusive films and TV shows about your favorite music icons now.

What titles do you want to watch on The Coda Collection on Amazon Prime Video Channels? We would love to know more about your story. You can drop us a comment below.

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