Peacock, Netflix & Apple TV+ Comcast Bundle – What do you Get?

Enjoy the cheapest and most value-for-money streaming bundle soon.

Streaming companies are bundling up their subscriptions to give users more savings and value on their money! With Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery teaming up for a three-plan streaming package for Disney+, Hulu and Max, Comcast is releasing its ammo.

This month, Comcast will be launching the StreamSaver bundle, a cheaper three-package streaming subscription plan integrating TV shows and movies from Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+. It will be a cable-like experience at your binge-watching party!


What’s more, StreamSaver offers a significant discount that will definitely add the cherry on top. While Comcast chief Brian Roberts did not reveal the price of its cheapest streaming bundle, it will be a great deal you don’t want to miss out. It will be open to all Comcast TV and broadband clients and only available to subscribers of Xfinity Internet and or Xfinity TV.

Comcast is planning a price hike this July on its Peacock subscription increasing its two plans by $2. Peacock Premium will have a new price of $7.99 per month from $5.99 while Peacock Premium Plus will be priced at $13.99 per month from $11.99. However, the StreamSaver bundle will be coming ahead of the price increase, so subscribers have more options.

Currently, Netflix subscription starts at $6.99 per month. Apple TV Plus subscription is at $9.99 per month.

Aileen Grace M
Aileen Grace M
A film buff and lover of feel-good movies, Aileen Grace loves helping fellow cinephiles overcome troubles and common hurdles when bingeing shows. She’s a Marketing Major with a degree in Business Administration and a knack for writing poems and short stories. She’s using her prowess as a prolific writer to provide straightforward guides among the confusing solutions found online.



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