How to Remove Titles from Continue Watching List on Paramount Plus

When streaming on Paramount Plus, there are times when you cannot finish a movie or a TV series episode in one sitting. Now, you don’t have to worry about looking for it when you want to continue watching it the other day. Paramount Plus will add your unfinished movies and TV shows on the Continue Watching List or the Keep Watching List.

What is the Keep Watching List Feature on Paramount Plus

Aside from the titles you haven’t watched to the end, Paramount Plus will also include content that you played even for a few seconds. So, while you may only play the movie or show to see if you like it or not, it adds up to your Keep Watching List. Eventually, you end up with a long list of content to scroll in your watchlist.

To manage your Keep Watching List on Paramount Plus, you can remove and wipe titles that you don’t want to continue viewing anymore. See the guide below.

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How to Delete Movies & TV Shows from Keep Watching List on Paramount Plus

How to Delete Movies and TV Shows from Keep Watching List on Paramount Plus
Credit: ViacomCBS

The process to clear and remove titles from your Paramount Plus Keep Watching list takes only a few steps. You can continue reading below to find out how to do it.

Note that removing movies and TV shows from your Paramount Plus Keep Watching List is only available on the Paramount Plus website. The function is not yet available on the app for Android and iOS mobile phone devices as well as smart TVs and streaming media players.

First, open any browser and go to the Paramount Plus website at and log in to your account. From the home screen, navigate to the Keep Watching section. Then, go to the upper right-hand corner of the list and click the Edit button. Circles will appear on each title in the list. Look for the content that you want to remove from the list. Click the circle and then click the Remove button on the upper right side of the list.

If you wish to cancel, click Cancel to undo removing it. Do the same to all the titles that you want to delete.

Credit: ViacomCBS

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What titles on your Keep Watching List do you want to clear and wipe from your Paramount Plus account? We are curious to know them, so tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. That’s not a good tip, actually. This option only makes it invisible, but where you left is still there. If you search for a title you “removed”, you see the progress bar is still where you stopped watching, so it doesn’t change anything. That was the worst implementation of this feature I’ve ever seen in any streaming service, as it doesn’t really work as intended.


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