How to Reset Panasonic Smart TV to Default Factory Settings

Panasonic Smart TVs have always been popular for their value. While many smart TVs boast advanced features and performance, Panasonic Smart TVs are built on a foundation of solid price-to-performance ratios. They deliver crisp and clear imagery and robust feature-sets, and all this for a fraction of the price other competitors charge. It’s no wonder then that they’ve become the default choice for many price conscious consumers.

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Sometimes however, your Panasonic Smart TV can run into bugs and issues. These hamper your viewing experience, and can be annoying to deal with. More often than not, the most common answer to fixing these issues is to factory reset your Panasonic Smart TV. This brings your TV back to its default factory settings, thereby removing whatever is causing the issue in the first place. The question is, how do you reset a Panasonic Smart TV.

Two Ways to Factory Reset Panasonic Smart TV to Default Settings

Keep in mind that factory resetting your Panasonic Smart TV will bring it back to its default state. Any tuning you’ve done to the TV’s display will be undone, so make sure to remember or write down anything you’d like to keep in mind. With that reminder out of the way, let’s get right into resetting your Panasonic Smart TV!

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Hard Reset Your Panasonic Smart TV With A Remote

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  • On the remote, find the ‘Menu’ button and press it.
  • When the menu appears on the TV, move the cursor down and click on the ‘Setup’ section.
  • Choose the ‘System’ option from the menu.
  • Select the ‘Factory Defaults’ option under the ‘System’ menu.
  • Press ‘Yes’ when prompted to delete all user data.
  • It will take a few minutes to finish the factory reset. 
  • Once it’s done, you can use your Panasonic Smart TV as usual.

Factory Reset Your Panasonic Smart TV Without A Remote

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  • Factory resetting your Panasonic Smart TV without a remote may require an extra person.
  • First unplug the power cord from your Panasonic Smart TV to turn it off.
  • Next, hold down the power button and volume down button at the same time.
  • Once both are pressed down, plug the power cord back in.
  • Keep holding both buttons as the TV turns on.
  • When the ‘Erasing Screen’ notification appears, you can release the buttons.
  • Follow the instructions as given.
  • Press OK to factory reset your Panasonic Smart TV.

In Conclusion

With that done, your Panasonic Smart TV should now be back at its default state once again. Any issues that your TV could have will now all be ironed out. For more guides and fixes like this, stay tuned!

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