How to Reset, Re-Pair and Fix Roku Remote Not Working Issues

It is no surprise to encounter technical issues with our modern devices once in a while. With your Roku streaming media player, you may sometimes see that your Roku remote control is not working. It can be due to a Bluetooth pairing issue, your batteries, Internet connection problems, or the remote unit itself.

Roku has two kinds of remote control. First is the standard IR remote, which is common among older Roku models. It works like any remote control where you point it to your Roku player to work. Now, there is the Enhanced Remote that integrates the Bluetooth pairing mechanism. It means that you need to pair your remote control to your Roku device for you to use it even when not directly pointed on your player. The Roku voice control remote is Bluetooth-powered.

There are times when no matter how you push the buttons, your remote control does not seem to work. For some users, the volume buttons, which is the ones often used, are not working or not responding. How you fix it depends on the cause of the issue. You can try to reset, re-pair, change or charge your batteries or even replace your Roku remote for it to work again.

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How to Reset or Re-Pair Roku Voice Remote Control

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One of the first things you can do when you have remote control issues is to reset it. If you are using the enhanced remote, you may have a Bluetooth device pairing issue. Your app may have unpaired with your remote, so all you need to do is re-pair it.

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Resetting your Roku Remote Control

  • Remove all the batteries out of your remote control.
  • On your Roku device, unplug the power cable and wait for a few seconds before plugging it back in.
  • When Roku shows the home screen, reinsert your batteries and close the compartment.
  • Your Roku remote will connect to your device for about 30 seconds. Try using it again.

Now, if you don’t like to unplug your power cable, you can manually restart your Roku player through the Settings menu. You can do this using your standard IR remote.

  • Launch Settings.
  • Click System.
  • Select System Restart.
  • Click Restart.

If resetting does not work, you may try to change your remote batteries. Follow the same steps above. But this time, insert the new batteries instead of reinserting the old ones.

Re-Pair your Roku Remote

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  • Remove the batteries from your remote and unplug your Roku device.
  • Wait for a few seconds before reconnecting your Roku device.
  • Once Roku shows the home screen, you can reinsert the batteries.
  • Now, locate the pairing button in the battery compartment.
  • Press and hold it for about 3 seconds or if you see the pairing light flashing. You may try again if it does not light up.
  • Your Roku remote will begin to connect with your device.
  • After about 30 seconds, you will see the pairing dialog on your screen.

If you are using the Roku official remote control app on your iPhone or Android mobile phone, you can also re-pair it to your device from there.

If your Roku remote continues to experience the error after resetting and re-pairing, it may be perhaps time for a replacement. You can contact Roku support to file your report your remote problem or purchase a new Roku remote comtrol.

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Did resetting or re-pairing fix your Roku remote error? If not, what else did you do repair it? Please write to us below.

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