How to Fix Amazon Prime Video App Error Code 9356, 9354 or 1601

It’s finally Friday night. You have snacks, comfy PJs, and a full lineup of your favorite Prime Video shows ready for an epic binge session. You excitedly hit play on the first episode, eager to dive into the drama, action, or laughs. But instead of entertainment, an incomprehensible error code pops up on your Fire TV screen. Ugh! Not again.

Don’t let vague numbers and technical jargon ruin your viewing plans. This in-depth troubleshooting guide breaks down the most common Amazon Prime Video app error codes on Firestick, Fire TV or other devices, along with simple fixes to get your binge back on track in no time.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Amazon Prime Video App Error Code 9356, 9354 or 1601

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Few things disrupt a good streaming session like error 9356 or 9354 suddenly rearing their ugly heads. One minute you’re engrossed in the show, the next – playback fails, a cryptic code appears, and your entertainment grinds to a halt. Not cool, Prime Video.

But don’t panic or pout yet. Several quick home remedies typically knock out these annoying codes fast:

  • Turn it off and on again. The classic reboot still works wonders. Force quit and restart both your device and the Prime Video app. This clears any glitches causing the errors.
  • Secure your internet connection. A weak WiFi signal spells trouble for smooth streaming. Connect your device directly to the router with an ethernet cable if possible for a strong, reliable feed.
  • Update, update, update. Outdated tech can’t keep up with Prime Video’s demands. Install the latest software, apps, and OS updates so your devices stay compatible and error-free.
  • Flush out the bad data. Sometimes cached junk data causes conflicts. Sign out of Prime Video completely, force quit the app, then log back in to start fresh.
  • Reset mobile device preferences. For Prime Video apps on phones or tablets, reset all preferences to factory settings. This wipes any corrupted data without losing your account info.
  • Try a different device. Determine if the issue is isolated to one device or widespread by testing Prime Video on your other laptop, tablet, smartphone, or television.

VPNs Defeat Geo-Restrictions – No Matter Where Your Travels Take You

One of the best parts of Amazon Prime Video is taking your shows on the go, streaming your subscriptions worldwide. Except when you connect abroad and – error code. Regional restrictions block your viewing party.

What gives? You’re a paying member! Don’t let geo-blocking ruin your global entertainment. Virtual private networks (VPNs) hold the key to bypassing borders.

Here’s the secret: VPNs mask your real location by routing your traffic through servers in other countries. Connect to a U.S-based server and just like that – Prime Video lifts geo-restrictions, removing error messages no matter where you roam.

Take your shows on any adventure, knowing a VPN defeats regional limitations. Error-free international streaming awaits. Take a look at these reliable VPN services that we recommend:

Contact Support If Needed

You’ve tried every quick fix and common remedy suggested on forums. But the pesky error code persists, blocking your shows. Don’t rip your hair out in frustration just yet. Reinforcements are here to claim victory against unruly codes.

Prime Video’s customer support team has advanced tools and insider intel to nuke the trickiest issues. Yes, long waits and hold times may test your patience. But make the call – a friendly expert armed with your error code details can work wonders compared to futile solo troubleshooting.

Hope this helps defeat those Prime Video errors on your Amazon devices for good! Happy streaming!

David Porter
David Porter
David is prolific writer and full-time Digital Nomad who loves to follow the recent technology updates on streaming. In his free time, he loves surfing and travel.



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