How to Enable & Use Real-Time Lyrics Feature on Spotify App

Do you love to sing along to tunes you listen to on Spotify? It may take a while before you can memorize the lyrics of a new song that keeps sticking in your head. Sometimes, you may forget the exact lines of the old songs you used to sing.

What you can do is Google the lyrics of the song for you to sing along with it. But imagine the hassle of doing it. Instead, you end up just listening and trying to decipher what the lyrics are.

Now, Spotify makes it easier for you to do a Karaoke session with all the songs you listen to on the app. Spotify gives you real-time lyrics on every song you stream, no matter where you play it. You can access them on your Spotify mobile app, Spotify TV, or Spotify desktop. Let’s check out below how you can use it.

How to Enable the Real-Time Lyrics Feature on Spotify App for Mobile Phone, Smart TV, or Desktop Computer

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The real-time lyrics music streaming feature is available and ready for all users at any time on the Spotify app for smart TV devices, desktop computers, and mobile phones or tablets. The new feature used to be limited to select countries and users but now Spotify made it available for both free and premium users globally.

All you have to do is play your favorite music, and you will see it at the bottom of the playback control. If you do not see the lyrics, try to relaunch the app or install the latest software version for your device.

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How to Update Spotify App to the Latest Version

You can check if there are available updates for your Spotify app by going through the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. Search for Spotify and tap the Update button.

If you are using the Spotify desktop app, look for the blue dot on the menu button. Click Update Available Restart Now.

Using Real-Time Lyrics Feature for Songs on Spotify Mobile App

  • The real-time lyrics will appear at the bottom of the playback controls after you play a song.
  • Start playing any tunes on Spotify.
  • Swipe up to go to the bottom and see the lyrics.
  • To view it on full screen, tap the lyrics.

Using Real-Time Lyrics Streaming Feature on Spotify Desktop App

  • On your Spotify desktop app, play any song.
  • Go to the bottom and click the Microphone icon.
  • You will then see the real-time lyrics.

Using Real-Time Lyrics Music Streaming Tool on Spotify TV App

  • Launch the Spotify app on your smart TV and play any song.
  • Select Now Playing View.
  • Click the Lyrics button on the right side to view the lyrics.

That’s it! Now you have everything you need to sing your hearts out when your favorite tunes play on Spotify.

How do you find the real-time lyrics on Spotify? Is it helpful for you? We would love to know your thoughts, so write them down in the comment section below.

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