Fix Crunchyroll Premium Not Working, Can’t Subscribe to Membership Error

Crunchyroll is a well-known platform. It’s loved for anime, manga, drama, and games.

But sometimes, problems on Crunchyroll pop up. You might find issues with payments or subscribing. Our blog aims to solve those.

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Methods to Resolve Crunchyroll Premium Not Working, Can’t Subscribe to Membership Error

Let’s look at some solutions below.

Is Your Internet Connection OK? – Check your Network Connection

Our first tip is simple: check your Internet!

Is your Crunchyroll premium not working? Your Internet might be the reason.

You need a steady Internet for Crunchyroll to work well. This can be either Wi-Fi or data from your phone plan. Bad Internet might stop Crunchyroll from taking your payment.

And if you can’t start your paid membership, bad Internet might be why. A solution could be to try a different network. Restarting your modem or router might also help.

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Are You Using a Valid Payment Method? – Verify your Crunchyroll Payment Details

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Another common problem might be your payment method. If you can’t sign up for premium or have other issues, your payment manner could be why.

The service accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. PayPal and gift cards are OK too.

But Crunchyroll won’t accept prepaid cards, debit cards, or other payment types. So, if you’re using a credit card, double-check your card details.

They need to be correct and current. If you choose PayPal, your account has to be verified.

Plus, it should have enough money. If you’re using a gift card, check that it’s not expired. And it can’t already have been used.

Make Sure Your Crunchyroll App is Up-to-Date

At times, an old or broken app might be the cause of issues. So, it’s essential to ensure you have the newest Crunchyroll app. An outdated app can cause problems with your subscription or premium perks.

  • To fix this issue, go to the App Store on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Look for updates and install if necessary.

Reach Out to Crunchyroll Customer Support

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If none of these tips help, you might need to talk to Crunchyroll support. They can guide you and provide further help. You can call them at 1-415-503-9235 or email at [email protected]. Their website at has more info and helpful FAQs.

When you contact them, give them these details:

  • Amount charged
  • Date of the transaction
  • Currency type
  • Payment method used
  • Email linked to your Crunchyroll account
  • Error code or message seen

To sum up, if your Crunchyroll premium subscription is causing problems, try these steps.

First, double-check your Internet. A good connection is key. Second, make sure your payment option is right. Crunchyroll only accepts certain ones. Third, make sure your Crunchyroll app is current. Last but not least, call Crunchyroll support if you still have trouble.

By taking these actions, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite anime and manga without any hiccups.

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