How to Fix DirecTV Error Code 921 or 920 Programming Issue

DirecTV is a television provider that uses broadcast satellites. It delivers audio and digital satellite television to its customers’ homes. DirecTV services over 37 million people in Latin America and the United States. Those who subscribe to the service have access to dozens of channels and hundreds of series or TV show episodes.

There is no such thing as too good. DirecTV can give you a problem. Your television screen will display a notice or an error code whenever that happens. 

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Most of the time, viewers cannot decipher some of the DirecTV error codes they encounter on their screens. Your DirecTV system needs to function correctly to enhance your viewing pleasure. However, if it doesn’t, there are certain drawbacks.

DirecTV Error Code 921 4K Content Titles Issue

This error means watching programs in 4K format is not supported or you do not have the proper streaming device for it. Please use a DIRECTV 4K Ready TV to enjoy this program.

Fixing & Troubleshooting DirecTV Error Code 921

This is what you need to troubleshoot this error:

Genie HD DVR with Internet access (Model HR54 and above). A 4K TV that is compatible with the most recent 4K Genie Mini or is DIRECTV 4K Ready. Above DIRECTV package or Mas Latino and En Español package.

You should link your Genie HD DVR to a secondary 4K TV if you have a DIRECTV 4K Ready TV set up as the main TV in your Whole Home network. If your DIRECTV 4K Ready TV is connected to a Genie HD DVR, you won’t be able to watch DIRECTV 4K content on it.

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DirecTV Error 920 Satellite Receiver Problem

When you obtain error code 920, your satellite receiver cannot download the guide data. If more than three hours have been inactive, the issue will arise.

After investigating this specific problem, it was discovered that this error code could have several possible causes. Here is a quick list of situations that could bring up this error code:

Satellite Reception Issue, problems with this are fairly typical because your receiver could not download the guide data. There are numerous possible causes for this, but by conducting a system test on your DirecTV equipment, you can determine which applies to your situation. If the investigation produces a message with an error that contains the error codes 82 or 83, it is because of a misconfigured satellite dish. 

Lastly, you may also anticipate seeing this specific error code if you’re utilizing conflicting settings that make it harder to connect to the satellite dish.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix DirecTV Error Code 920 Programming Issue

You can try to fix DirecTV error code 920 related to programming content download issue due to satellite receiver error by followng the troubleshooting methods below:

1. Conduct a System test

Do a quick system test to identify the issue; depending on what it finds, it may suggest a troubleshooting manual or at least lead you in the correct direction. How? 

  • Select Menu from the list of available options using your remote control.
  • Then go to Settings and select Info & Test.
  • Select Run System Test from the Info & Test menu, then confirm the action.
  • Wait for the scan to end
  • When the results are displayed, do the suggested troubleshooting actions.

2. Choose the correct Satellite Dish

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control, then choose the Settings tab from the list of available choices.
  • Next, select Repeat Satellite Setup from the Satellite submenu of the Settings menu.
  • Press the Dash button on your remote control once you’re in the Repeat Satellite Setup menu.
  • Then choose the Dish type.
  • Set the receiver based on the error you encountered during the previous investigation (Method 1).
  • Before taking further action, press “continue” and wait a few minutes to give your receiver time to confirm the new dish configuration.

3. Reset your DirecTV device

  • Find the reset button on the device’s rear first. On the vast majority of DirectTV receivers, there is a little red button within the access card door.
  • Press the red button and wait for it to reboot.  
  • Check to see if the problem has been fixed by repeating the action that caused the error code 920 in the first place.

Wrapping it Up

Error 920 and Error 921 are two of the most common issues that can arise when watching DIRECTV 4K content. With a few simple steps, such as conducting a system test, choosing the correct satellite dish, and resetting your DirecTV device, you can easily fix these errors and continue enjoying your viewing experience. If these solutions don’t work, we suggest contacting DIRECTV customer service for further assistance.

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