How to Fix Freevee Error Code plr-3016 or plr-5019

Freevee, the free streaming service formerly known as IMDb TV, offers thousands of hit movies and TV shows available at no cost. But technical hiccups in the form of vague error codes can interrupt your viewing experience on Freevee.

Two cryptic Freevee errors that may pop up are plr-3016 and plr-5019. When these ambiguous numbers appear on your screen, don’t panic. While frustrating, these Freevee error codes can typically be fixed with some basic troubleshooting on your end.

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What Causes Freevee Error Code plr-3016?

The plr-3016 error code is not yet well documented by Freevee. Based on user reports, it seems to relate to generalized connectivity issues between the Freevee app and Freevee’s streaming servers.

Potential causes include:

  • Temporary glitches or bugs disrupting communication.
  • Outdated app or device software leading to problems.
  • Unstable internet connections interfering with streaming.
  • Corrupted temporary data or cache files.
  • Incorrect account login credentials.

Without official details from Freevee on the root of plr-3016, the best approach is trying general troubleshooting steps to refresh your setup.

Troubleshooting Steps for Freevee Error Code plr-3016

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If you encounter plr-3016 while using Freevee on any device, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Force close and restart the Freevee app to clear out any glitches.
  • Fully restart your device – whether it’s a smart TV, mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Rebooting flushes temporary files that may be an issue.
  • Ensure your device’s OS and the Freevee app are updated to the latest versions. Having outdated software often causes technical issues that updates fix.
  • Delete and reinstall the Freevee app to get a clean slate. This remedies any problems from possible corrupted installs.
  • Check that your internet connection is stable and fast enough to stream HD video without buffering or lag. If not, switch from WiFi to wired ethernet for more reliability.
  • Sign out of Freevee entirely and log back in with your credentials. This ensures your login details are correct.
  • Try switching devices or web browsers in case one specific app or platform is glitchy.

Following general connectivity troubleshooting like this typically resolves plr-3016. But if not, contacting Freevee customer support is recommended for additional help getting to the bottom of the issue.

What Triggers Freevee Error Code plr-5019?

While plr-3016 is vague, plr-5019 seems specific to Amazon’s Fire TV devices. Users encounter it when trying to watch Freevee on Fire TV models.

Based on user reports in forums and on social media, plr-5016 on Fire TV usually stems from:

  • Outdated Fire TV software in need of updates.
  • Connection issues between the Fire TV and Freevee’s streaming servers.
  • Glitches related to signing into the Freevee app.
  • Old temporary cached files disrupting performance.
  • WiFi connection problems interfering with video streaming.

Essentially, something is getting lost between your Fire TV stick or box and Freevee’s app and services. Following some targeted troubleshooting steps can often get things working properly again.

Fixing Freevee Error Code plr-5019

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If your Fire TV throws up error plr-5019 when using Freevee, try the following troubleshooting procedures:

  • Check for any available Fire TV OS and Freevee app updates and install them. Keeping up-to-date is crucial.
  • Sign out of the Freevee app completely, then sign back in to re-authenticate.
  • Clear cached temporary data and files from the Freevee app itself. If the issue persists, deleting and reinstalling the app often helps.
  • Power cycle your Fire TV stick or box by unplugging from power for 30+ seconds before reconnecting. Also restart your WiFi router. This clears any connectivity gremlins.
  • Try switching from WiFi to a wired ethernet connection for faster, more stable streaming between the Fire TV and your router.
  • Verify your internet plan provides enough bandwidth for smooth streaming. If not, consider upgrading. Slow internet leads to buffering and errors.
  • Disable any VPN connections on the Fire TV that could interfere with streaming reliability.

Following this targeted troubleshooting roadmap for plr-5019 on Fire TV should get Freevee working normally again. But if you still see the error after trying these steps, reach out to Freevee customer support for additional assistance.

When to Contact Freevee Customer Support

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Both plr-3016 and plr-5019 can typically be fixed with some diligent troubleshooting on your end. But in any case where these Freevee error codes persist, it’s best to contact their support team directly for help.

You can reach out to Freevee customer support here:

Explain the error you’re seeing, when it appears, what device you’re using, and what troubleshooting steps you’ve tried already. Freevee’s support staff can then investigate and provide specialized fixes tailored to your unique situation.

Don’t let vague error codes disrupt your entertainment. With the right troubleshooting approach, you can usually get Freevee working smoothly again. Enjoy those free movies and shows without annoying technical interruptions!

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