Use Downloads for You Netflix Feature to Save Shows Automatically

Many people are taking advantage of offline downloads feature on Netflix for various reasons. One is for those who love to travel a lot and want to have entertainment stored in their laptops and mobile phones while riding on a train or on a flight. Another reason is when Internet access is unreliable.

Netflix offers its users the chance to download shows and movies for offline viewing. Now, it is adding another feature that will help users find more relatable content to what they usually watch. The new feature is called “Downloads For You”.

What is Netflix Downloads for You Section?

What is the new Downloads for You Feature on Netflix

If you have been using the Smart Downloads feature on Netflix, you already know that you can select titles that you want to download and save them for offline viewing. With Downloads for You, Netflix will save you the time and effort from choosing among the endless content available. Netflix will automatically download recommended content based on your watch history.

Downloads for You automatically select and download the movies or TV series episodes to your mobile or laptop device, so you have more content for offline watching. It is ideal for users who don’t have the time to scan and select show and film titles to download. With Netflix Downloads for You, it will be a surprise what content you will find in your downloads folder.

Note that some titles on Netflix are not available for downloads because of licensing restrictions.

How to Use the Downloads for You Streaming Feature on Netflix

Credit: Netflix

To start using Downloads for You, you will need to enable the feature first. Navigate to the Downloads tab and enable Downloads for You.

When you have turned on the feature, you can choose the storage space that you want to allocate for Netflix to download recommended titles. You can choose 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB.

If your device connects to the Internet, it will start downloading contents, even without you knowing it. When you are ready to watch the show or movie, you can stream it on your computer, mobile phone or cast it to a smart TV.

To free up some storage space, you can simply delete the titles.

Netflix Downloads for You is available on Android devices. For iOS users, the feature is coming later in 2021.

Will you be using Netflix Downloads for You Feature? Why or why not? Drop your answer in the comments down below.

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