How to Fix Spectrum TV App Error IGE-9000, ACF-9000 or JLI-9000 on Apple Devices

Spectrum TV App error codes IGE-9000, ACF-9000, or JLI-9000 on Apple devices are usually related to network connection or account authentication issues.

If you encounter the same error codes on when streaming Spectrum TV on your Apple devices, you can find the solutions below on how to fix these problems.

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Methods to Resolve Spectrum TV App Error IGE-9000, ACF-9000 or JLI-9000 on Apple Devices

Encountering the error code IGE-9000 on Spectrum TV will show the error message, “Something didn’t work quite right. Please try again later. Reference code: IGE-9000.”

Here are some methods you can try if you wish to fix it yourself:

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure you connect to a WiFi connection that is smooth enough and has good stability. Open some websites in your device’s browser to ensure that you have a nice and stable network or internet connection.

If the connection doesn’t go well, disconnect the WiFi modem and hold off for about 60 seconds before reconnecting it. This will give different results when you press the reset button on the WiFi modem.

If it doesn’t work, relocate your WiFi modem to a better, more open location where the internet signal can be captured more easily.

Try to Restart Your Device

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If you’re watching on a TV, try to power it off and turn back on. Usually, restarting can solve some problems, such as bugs or momentary errors.

You can try the manual reset technique, which entails removing the TV from the wall and waiting 60 seconds before connecting it back in. This will give different results by turning your TV on and off with the remote control.

Update Your Spectrum TV Application

Make sure you have installed the latest Spectrum TV app. Open your device’s app store, look for the Spectrum TV app, and see if there is an app update available. If so, make updates to your app.

Clean your Spectrum TV App Cache

  • Clear the cache of Spectrum apps installed on your device.
  • Go to the app settings.
  • Look for the “Spectrum TV” app, and set aside the cache.
  • Then reopen the Spectrum TV app and check if your problem is resolved or not. 

Uninstall and Install Again the Spectrum TV App

If every step has been done without fixing the issue, consider wiping your device’s data and then reinstalling it. And then log in to your account.

Check Your Internet Settings

Check the network settings on your Apple device. Checking out to ensure you are not utilizing a proxy or VPN network. Whether you’re using both networks, you should disable one and see if the problem goes away.

Contact the Customer Service of Spectrum TV

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Well, there are six steps on how to fix the Spectrum TV App Error Code IGE-9000, ACF-9000, or JLI-9000 on Apple Devices. However, if you have tried various ways to fix it yourself and finally cannot fix the problem, it’s good if you ask customer service for further help.

Usually, the customer service representative will understand more about the problems you face and will suggest more suitable solutions.

If you can’t solve it by yourself, you ay want to contact technician to help you with. Hope this helps!

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