How to Fix Xfinity Stream Error TVAPP-00200, TVAPP-00406 or TVAPP-00231

Xfinity is currently one of the biggest multipurpose network providers that offer a complete range of services. It provides mobile, telephone, cable TV, and internet services all available for subscription under a single roof.

But just like any other service, Xfinity Stream also experiences some issues now and then. Errors TVAPP-00200, TVAPP-00406, and TVAPP-00231 are some of the common concerns of Xfinity Stream users.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Xfinity Stream Error Code TVAPP-00200, TVAPP-00406 or TVAPP-00231

The following are the steps you can take to solve these Xfinity issues:

Update Xfinity Stream App

Xfinity Stream may encounter some glitches if you don’t update it to the latest version. Check if there are available updates for the app and install them right away if there are any.

If you have already finished updating the app and the error codes still show up, you can also uninstall the app and install it again to see if the errors on Xfinity Stream will disappear.

Switch to a Different Web Browser

The browser you’re using may also be the culprit behind these error codes. To confirm this, try to use a different browser.

If Xfinity Stream works just fine on another browser, clear the cookies or cache of the previous browser to see if it works well this time.

You should also watch out for cookies blocker software or adblockers since these may also cause you trouble.

Most streaming services, including Xfinity Stream, don’t do well with these apps. You have to disable any of these apps and browser extensions before you try to access Xfinity Stream again.

Change to Other Devices

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If Xfinity Stream doesn’t work on your PC, you can also try opening it on your smartphone or vice versa. If the app works on a different device, try to restart your internet connection and reconnect your device to the network.

Doing this can help fix any DNS or IP issue that might cause the error so you can continue streaming your favorite movies or TV shows once again.

Disable Your VPN Service

Error codes TVAPP-00200, TVAPP-00406, and TVAPP-00231 may also show up because of your VPN. Streaming services like Xfinity Stream have strict policies when it comes to geo-restricted content.

If you’re using any of these services that mask your IP address, Xfinity Stream may not work properly on your device. Try to disable your VPN and reboot your browser to see if it fixes the problem.

Check out these VPN services that you can switch to:

Clear your Device Cache

Cache files may build up on your device, web browser, or app. To clear the memory of your device or app, you should get rid of these cache files first before using Xfinity Stream again.

Clearing the cache gives the program a fresh start so that it won’t show any errors. Doing this will also address the issue if the error codes are because of the memory backup.

Check for Network Issues

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To confirm if your network frequency causes streaming errors on Xfinity Stream, you can try to play the same live TV or video with your settings set to SD.

If the video doesn’t have any issues playing on SD, there might be a network problem. In this case, be sure to check your connection to get rid of the error.

Streaming your favorite content on Xfinity Stream can turn into a nuisance if you’re seeing error codes like TVAPP-00200, TVAPP-00406, and TVAPP-00231. Don’t hesitate to try the fixes above so you can continue with your seamless viewing experience.

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