How to Get CONtv, Docurama or Dove Channel Add-on on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is expanding, and it is not stopping at any moment now! Google’s live TV service continues to grow and get you more channels to make your streaming experience on YouTube TV more exhilarating!

What could be a better way for increasing channel loads than adding more variety into the selection? YouTube TV is doing that with its new partnership with Cinedigm, a huge distributor of movies, films, and other streaming content. With this collaboration, Cinedigm will be able to provide awesome content to YouTube TV app from its top legacy channels for users to enjoy: Docurama, Dove Channel, and CONtv.

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So, let’s talk about these three latest channels additions and how you can get them on your YouTube TV account as add-ons.

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YouTube TV Adds CONtv, Docurama and Dove Channel as Add-On Options for Users

Cinedigm is a California-based independent distributor of digital content. It has a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and digital content library distributed to more than 60,000 stores and retailers. You can find their content even on mainstream digital media. With its coming to YouTube TV app, users will also have the chance to stream and watch what Cinedigm can offer them.

What are Docurama, Dove Channel, and CONtv? These three channels are only some of the available channels on Cinedigm. Each channel has a category that focused on a specific theme.


Docurama offers award-winning documentaries based on true stories and what the world wants to know. It features TV series on different topics such as crime and investigation, music, biographies, and more.


If you like to stick to family-friendly titles, Dove Channel can give them to you. It includes content that will enjoy by everyone in the family. You can watch classic movies and new series focusing on values-based topics.


Now, diversity is not new to the entrainment industry. CONtv gives you a more diverse library of movies and TV shows. You can enjoy a variety of themes and genres from SCI-FI and fantasy, to action and horror.

Getting Docurama, Dove Channel or CONtv as Add-on to your YouTube TV Subscription Account

So, if you love any of the three channels from Cinedigm, you can get them as an add-on to your YouTube TV subscription plan. For the price of only $4.99 per month on top of your $65 monthly rate on YouTube TV, you will get more content for more streaming time anytime you want.

  • Launch the YouTube TV app. You can also go to
  • Tap your profile picture.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Membership.
  • Look for Cinedigm and tap the checkmark next to it.
  • Tap Purchase.

Will you be adding Docurama, Dove Channel, or CONtv to your YouTube TV subscription account? We would love to know! You can tell us in the comment section below.

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