How to Get & Watch Disney Plus Star Shows in America

Disney launched its new general entertainment hub called Star last February 23, 2021. Star is a solution for Disney Plus to add more content for its International market specially designed for a more adult entertainment.

What is Star on Disney Plus: Everything You Need to Know

Disney Plus is coming to more territories outside the US, such as the UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Canada, and more. Part of the Disney+ bundle is iconic brands like Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic.

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However, there are massive new titles available in America with content from Hulu added to the Disney Plus bundle. The US market can watch more adult-appropriate shows and movies from FX, Hulu, 20th Century Studios, Freeform, and 20th Television. The issue is, Disney cannot include Hulu in Disney+ package outside the United States due to licensing agreements with its partners including Comcast’s NBCUniversal.

To allow its users to stream more titles in its ever growing library of content designed for adults, Disney launched Star as a default channel in Disney Plus. Star will stream selected movies and shows from Hulu, FX, and more.

Star does not add to the subscription price of Disney+. Still, Disney announced that it is also increasing its cost. However, selected countries still have the chance to pay the old subscription fee.

In the US, adding the Hulu bundle comes with a price. The basic Disney+ plan is at $8 per month, while the bundle with Hulu is $13 per month.

Can I Get Star on Disney Plus in the US?

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Unfortunately, Star on Disney Plus is only available outside of the US. Star will show limited titles from Hulu and FX content libraries in territories in the International market. Fortunately, users in United States already have access to these content through Hulu and other Disney studios. The only difference is that the US subscribers will have to pay extra to stream these TV shows and movies, while Star is available as default feature for Disney+’s international users without an additional fee.

Add Hulu to your Disney Plus subscription here!

Is it worth the extra cost to add Hulu to your Disney+ subscription if you are in the US? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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