How to Watch Netflix Partially Downloaded Shows Offline on Android App

When traveling on a long flight or taking a long commute, it eases the burden of waiting when you have something entertaining you. Watching Netflix movies and TV series is one way to keep you entertained for long hours. But, having a reliable Internet connection is a must when you want to stream on Netflix.

Good thing Netflix introduced the download option so you can download titles for offline viewing. Before your travel time, you can download the episodes or movies you want to watch later, even without any WiFi network connection.

Now comes another dilemma. What if you have not downloaded any titles? What if you only have little data left or have a spotty WiFi connection? It means you cannot download any show to watch during your travel time.

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Not with Netflix! The streaming giant features another level of offline viewing service for its users with a totally new and useful feature. Netflix now allows users to watch partially downloaded shows offline on their Android app.

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Yes, that’s right! You no longer have to wait for your downloads to finish before you can watch them. Even if your download progress is halfway through, you can already watch the part of the content downloaded on Netflix. Your download will resume when you are connected to a reliable WiFi Internet or have enough mobile data on your Android phone or tablet and soon on an iPhone or iPad.

How to Access & Stream Partially Downloaded Shows Offline on Netflix Android App

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As of now, the Netflix Watch Partially Downloaded Shows feature is available on Android devices. Netflix announced that it is launching the feature for iOS devices in the coming months. To stream and watch partially downloaded TV shows or movies on Netflix app, you need to run OS 7.64 or later on your Android device.

You can access and watch partially downloaded TV shows offline on your Download menu or Continue Watching. Go to the home screen on your Netflix app and look for these categories.

How to Download Netflix TV Shows and Movies

  • Launch your Netflix app.
  • Go to Downloads.
  • Tap the option where you can find content available for downloads.
  • Select the movie or TV series that you want to download.
  • Tap Downloads.

What do you think of Netflix Partially Downloaded Shows feature? Is it helpful for you? We value your opinion, so please drop one for us below.

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