How to Enable & Watch Picture in Picture Video on Safari for Mac

Do you need to work on your Mac but don’t want to miss streaming the next episode of your favorite TV series? You can watch your video through the Picture in Picture (PiP) feature on a Safari browser. It works when you can multi-task both work and leisure.

The Picture-in-Picture video tool on macOS allows you to watch a video on your Safari browser while working on something else. The video will show on a small screen that you can insert and move anywhere, so you can still browse another website or work on a different app. It looks like you have a second mini monitor over your app or browser.

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You can activate and enable PiP when you want to stream a video while editing a picture or taking notes. It is also helpful when you only want to listen to the audio without other means but play the video. You can make the most of your time and work on other things as the video plays.

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How to Enter & Use Picture in Picture (PiP) on Safari Browser for Mac Computers

Picture in Picture is available on the Safari browser when you use your iMac desktop computer or MacBook laptop device. There are several options to enable and enter the Picture in Picture mode. It is easy to do and only takes a few steps.

But, not all websites allow utilizing the Picture in Picture method. In some instances, there are varying ways to enable the Picture in Picture option on other websites.

Enable Picture-in-Picture on Safari for macOS Device

  • To start watching through Picture in Picture, play a video first.
  • Now, right-click on the video or press CTRL + click.
  • Select Enter Picture in Picture.

Ways to Turn On & Use Safari’s Picture in Picture Tool on YouTube & Netflix

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To enable and use the Picture-in-Picture mode on YouTube, you will need to right-click on the video screen twice before you can enter into Picture in Picture. The first click will give you the YouTube playback menu. You can right-click again to open the Picture-in-Picture menu.

In other web videos like when streaming content on Netflix, you need to look for the speaker icon at the address bar during playback. Now, hover your mouse to the speaker icon and right-click on it to open the Picture in Picture menu.

Use a Safari Extension to Enable Picture in Picture on Mac

As indicated above, not all websites allow you to turn on Picture in Picture. If you encounter such web pages, you can use a Safari Extension called PiPifier to enable the feature.

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  • First, you need to install PiPifier on your Safari browser.
  • Click Safari at the top left corner.
  • Select Safari Extensions.
  • Look for PiPifier.
  • Install the Safari extension.
  • You can also install it using the Mac App Store.
  • To enable PiPifier, click Safari.
  • Go to Preferences.
  • Navigate to the Extensions tab.
  • Look for PiPifier and enable it.

Using Picture in Picture will allow you to continue watching any video while doing other things. You have the option to resize the screen of your video to adjust it to your needs.

Is the Picture in Picture feature on macOS helpful for you? We value your opinion. You can write them in the comment section below.

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