What is the New Netflix N-Plus Streaming Service Feature

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming service providers in the world today. But, it is not stopping now. There are news reports that Netflix will be launching a new service soon called Netflix N-Plus that will give more exclusive content to its users and boost user streaming experience in the platform.

Know more anything about this new supplemental Netflix N-Plus streaming subscription feature and how you can use it.

What is Netflix N-Plus Streaming Service Feature

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Before the launch of the Netflix N-Plus feature, the streaming service provider has been trying to find more ways to offer added features to its existing subscribers. One of its efforts is surveying the preferences of the current members subscribed to the service. Users answered questions about music, custom playlists, and other similar items. The goal of the survey is for Netflix to know how its audience respond to added features.

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After the survey, Netflix plans to launch the N-Plus service to satisfy what its users want. The Netflix N-Plus service is an online space where subscribers can get more out of their favorite Netflix shows and films. It will feature exclusive content only for Netflix users, such as trivia, podcasts, TV show playlists, behind-the-scenes, and more. Basically, it’s Netflix’s way of getting you hooked to your favorite Netflix Original TV series and movies.

The N-Plus content will vary in format, depending on the type of information Netflix will show. There will be images, articles, and video formats. You can also watch out for games, video interviews, news, analysis, music, and how-tos.

Users can also create custom playlists on N-Plus based on their favorite TV shows. They can also share these playlists with other Netflix users.

How to Get the N-Plus Service on your Netflix Streaming Account

To get updated with N-Plus, Netflix will send messages to its users if there are new contents. They can also get updates on the Netflix app. However, you can also access some information by searching it on Google. Selected parts of the N-Plus feature are available to anyone online.

As of now, Netflix will still announce the official launch dates of the N-Plus service.

Are you excited about the N-Plus feature on your Netflix account? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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