How to Filter Out & Block Explicit Songs on Amazon Music

With so many songs available for streaming these days, it is not surprising that you can find something for just about anything. There are thousands of titles for all music genres and categories. Unfortunately, not all tunes are appropriate for everyone.

Many people are open to listening to most songs. However, some music contains explicit language, which is not pleasing to the ears. In addition, profanity and inappropriate words or phrases must not be heard by children. If you want to block out these songs and only listen to clean content, you can do so on Amazon Music.

Amazon Music has millions of playlists, artists, and songs available for anyone and any taste. But to those who do not like to hear explicit words, Amazon Music allows you to disable or block them until you say so. You can filter out the music played on your Amazon Music streaming account anytime you want.

How to Block Songs with Profanity Content & Turn On Explicit Filter Mode on Amazon Music

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Before you start disabling explicit tunes and songs with profanity content on Amazon Music, note that it only filters songs that contain common explicit words. If a title does not have any inappropriate phrases but has a mature theme, Amazon Music may not be able to block it.

When turned on, songs with explicit languages will not appear on playback. It will not play in playlists, albums, or stations. Amazon Music also blocks inappropriate songs by default on a kid’s profile as part of the platform’s Parental Controls feature.

Users can disable explicit filter mode on songs using different Alexa-enabled devices. Use it on any Echo device, FireTV, FireTablet, Mac, PC, Desktop, Web browser, iOS, and Android devices. You can also block out explicit songs on a single device alone, except Echo devices with the same account.

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Turning On Amazon Music’s Explicit Song Filter Mode on Alexa App

  • First, open your Alexa app and tap or click the More button.
  • Navigate to Settings and go to Music & Podcasts.
  • Select Explicit Language Filter and turn it on.

Once you enable the filter, all you have to do is say your voice commands to Alexa. For instance, “Alexa, block explicit songs.”

If you choose to disable the explicit filter feature via voice command, go to the Settings menu of your Alexa app. Navigate to Music & Media. Turn on voice deactivation.

The filter will also block out the songs you purchased on Amazon Music. However, you can continue to buy explicit music on the Amazon Music store even if you have enabled the filter feature.

What are your thoughts about the explicit filter mode on Amazon Music? You can share your opinion with us below.

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