How to Fix Apple Music Crossfade Feature Not Working on iPhone or Mac Studio

You’ve been cherishing the impressive feature of crossfade in Apple music app. It seamlessly eases one song into the next one.

More joy for your listening music experience, right? But alas, lately it seems to be having some issues on the Apple Music app.

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Don’t worry! Various factors can hinder the Crossfade feature, but you’re in luck as we’ve got solutions up our sleeves.

Best Tips to Resolve Apple Music Crossfade Feature Not Working on iPhone or Mac Studio

Here, we’ll give some useful troubleshooting tips. These should aid in getting you back to uninterrupted, smooth transitions between your favorite songs.

Check your Apple Music Crossfade Settings


The first thing to investigate is your crossfade settings on Apple Music. Could it be that crossfade isn’t activated? Or perhaps the fade time isn’t set to your liking?

To dig deeper, follow these pointers:

On your iPhone:

  • Navigate to Settings, then Music.
  • Check under Playback.
  • Here, you’ll flip the switch for Crossfade on.
  • Notice a slider too? That’s for your fade time.
  • Use it to set the transition between 1 second to 12. This adjusts how long the fade-out and fade-in lasts.

On your Mac Studio:

  • First, launch the Music app.
  • Then find Music and go under Preferences.
  • Opt for Playback.
  • Here too, you’ll see Crossfade Songs. Select it.
  • The slider you see next sets the fade time. Same as the iPhone, pick a period from 1 to 12 seconds.

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Check for Apple Music App and iPhone or Mac Studio Device Updates

We sometimes forget, but it’s vital to remember that technology is a rapidly evolving sphere. What’s current today might become outdated tomorrow.

That’s when updates come into the picture. They keep your device or applications from lagging or hanging behind the current technological norms.

Now, this lag may seem insignificant on the surface, but it could lead to some features, such as the crossfade in Apple Music, behaving improperly.

As such, make sure your device and Apple Music are always up to date. If you’re on the iPhone, ensure you run the most recent iOS version.

Mac Studio users? Your machine should be on the latest macOS. Bonus tip: Keeping your Apple Music’s latest version is vital too.

Quitting and Restarting Apple Music App

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Checked the settings? Done the updates? And the crossfade feature is still unsavory?

Well, we might consider restarting the Apple Music app. This move helps remove glitches (it happens even to the best apps). A few simple steps for you:

  • On your iPhone: Swipe upwards from the bottom, but halt mid-screen for a moment. Next, flick up the Apple Music app’s preview. That will close it. Give it a moment and reopen it.
  • On your Mac Studio: Simultaneously press Command-Option-Esc. A window titled Force Quit Applications should open. Now select the Apple Music app and click Force Quit. Catch your breath, open the app and test the crossfade feature by playing some songs.

All said and done, let’s hope these steps get the crossfade back to its magnificent functionality. The blend of songs should be smooth again, gracing your ears on either your iPhone or Mac Studio.

If for some reason you still encounter hiccups, or you have some feedback, you know what? Put a comment below!

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