How to Fix Beats Studio 3 or Solo 3 Headphones Not Charging Even After Reset

Oh no! Your precious Beats Solo 3 or Beats Studio 3 headphones won’t charge no matter what you try. You’ve reset them to default factory settings over and over, changed cables, switched outlets – but still your music buds sit lifeless with 0% battery, mocking you.

We feel you. A dead headphone battery kills your playlists and podcasts. Silence replaces the beats. The party stops.

Today we’ll share everything you need to resurrect your uncharged Beats and get the music pumping again. No more dead Beats headphones for you.

Ready? Let’s dig in…

How to Troubleshoot Battery Issues and Fix Beats Studio 3 or Solo 3 Headphones Not Charging Even After Factory Reset

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Step 1: Try a New Cable

The most obvious fix. But easy to overlook.

  • Swap your current charging cable for a brand new one.
  • Use an original Beats cable if possible.
  • Also try a different wall charger.

Why? Your current cable or charger could be busted.

Frayed, worn, or faulty cables prevent power transfer. Your headphones think they’re charging but aren’t getting juice.

A new cable forces a fresh connection. Your Beats will drink that battery goodness once again.

Step 2: Update Beats Firmware

  • Firmware is internal software that runs your headphones.
  • Like apps on your phone, firmware needs regular updates.
  • Outdated firmware causes glitches. Including charging problems.

To update:

  • Connect Beats to your computer via cable.
  • Open the Beats app. It will check for firmware updates.
  • Download and install any new firmware it finds.

This software refresh could fix your battery charging issues.

Step 3: Reset Beats the Right Way

Did you know most headphone resets fail?

People don’t hold the button long enough. Follow these steps to reset properly:

  • Press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds.
  • Keep holding as the LED light flashes wildly.
  • Finally, release the button when the flashing slows.

This “hard reset” or “factory reset” clears any glitches preventing charging. It forces your headphones to reboot completely.

Step 4: Charge via Wall Outlet

Image credit by Beats
  • Wall outlets provide way more power than laptop/PC USB ports.
  • More power ensures your battery charges fully.
  • So always charge Beats through the wall, not your computer.

A laptop USB port gives a weak trickle of power. That trickle may not be enough to charge dead headphones.

Plugging into the wall allows maximum power transfer. Making sure those Beats come back to life.

Step 5: Clean the Headphone Charging Port

  • Lint and gunk can build up in the charging port.
  • This blocks the charger from connecting properly.
  • Cleaning the port can get power flowing again.

Carefully clean the port with:

  • A toothpick
  • A needle
  • Compressed air

Just don’t jam anything in too hard. Delicately wiggle out any debris stopping your charge.

Step 6: Contact the Official Beats Customer Support Team

If you’ve tried everything, it’s time to call for backup!

Contact Beats support about your stubborn headphones. Explain the issue in detail.

The pros can then help by:

  • Running diagnostics tests
  • Suggesting other fixes
  • Sending replacement parts

Don’t give up if support is stumped at first. Politely insist they fully solve the problem for you.

You paid good money for quality headphones. Don’t settle for dead Beats!

What if my Beats only charge to 50%?

This suggests the battery is worn out. Partial charges, fast battery drain, and short runtime are signs of a tired battery. Replacement batteries can be found online for most Beats models. Watch repair videos to safely swap it yourself. Or take it to a repair shop.

Why do my charged Beats die so quickly?

Again, the battery is likely worn out. Batteries decay over time with frequent recharges. Check the lifetime of your model – for example, Beats Solo 3 batteries last around 300 full charges before losing longevity. If your runtime is much lower than expected, get a battery replacement.

Do Beats batteries eventually die forever?

Yep! Batteries have a limited lifespan. With heavy daily use, most Beats batteries will wear out in 1-2 years. At some point the battery will reach end of life and no longer hold a charge. Good news though – the batteries are replaceable! Just swap in a new one.

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