How to Fix Black Screen and Backlight Issue on Polaroid TV

Polaroid is a brand that is almost synonymous with cameras. But back in 2010, the company also branched out into the development of a wide selection of TVs, which include CRT and LCD screens.

However, several users of Polaroid TV have reported black screen problems and backlight issues. The good news is that you can fix most Polaroid TV issues by just accessing the on-screen menu options and performing some basic connection checks.

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About Polaroid TVs

Polaroid shares almost a similar spot in the marketplace with that Toshiba or Hisense as the brand manufactures budget LED sets that provide big-screen panels at reasonable prices. But most Polaroid TVs are often way cheaper.

Several Polaroid TV sets are not fully-fledged smart televisions in their own right. Instead, they are equipped with basic Google OS where you need to cast content from your tablet or smartphone.

However, you should be able to use an actual Amazon Fire TV stick or Chromecast in the handy USB port located in the rear part of the unit.

Best Ways to Fix Black Screen Problem on Polaroid TV

Check the Coaxial Cable on your Polaroid TV

If you’re getting only a black screen on your Polaroid TV or a blank or fuzzy picture, see to it that the coaxial cable located at the back of the unit is securely and tightly connected. The cable on Polaroid TVs must be connected to the socket labeled RF.

Inspect your Polaroid TV Cables and Fittings

Inspect the cable wire to ensure that it is free from any dents that might impair or affect the signal. If everything seems fine, the next thing you should check is the metal fitting that goes into the Polaroid TV since it might have already gotten loose and may require a replacement soon.

Check for Interference

If you have a Polaroid LCD TV, it’s also important to ensure that electrical devices like stereos and vacuum cleaners have not been turned on close to the TV set because this may lead to interference. If there is no change to the screen even after you made the necessary checks, you can try to access the picture controls by pressing the Menu button on the remote of your Polaroid TV.

Top Solutions to Resolve Backlight Issue on Polaroid TV

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So far, there is no information on how to fix backlight issues on Polaroid TVs. However, you can also try the more general steps used on other TVs.

  • Unscrew the back of the Polaroid TV first. Detach the LED panel and front housing. Follow it up by removing the bezel.
  • Next, look for the faulty LEDs and then switch the bad ones with new LEDs. Complete the process by assembling your Polaroid TV again.

Black screen problems and backlight issues on your Polaroid TV are never a good thing as they can put a hamper on your viewing experience. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to fix these issues.

However, for more technical failures, it would be better to look for professional repair or get in touch with the Polaroid brand directly for further assistance.

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