How to Fix Max App Skipping Video Playback when Unpausing Issue

For users of TV devices, encountering challenges with video playback on the Max app, previously known as HBO Max, is not uncommon. Factors such as network bandwidth, connection speed, or device memory can contribute to this Max app issue.

Nevertheless, there is no need to remain perplexed as this comprehensive guide gives you simple and effective strategies to overcome these hurdles. Let’s explore each of these solutions in detail.

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Best Ways to Troubleshoot Max App Skipping Video Playback when Unpausing Issue

Test the Internet Connection Speed

Buffering or subpar quality of videos on Max can usually be tied back to your internet connection speed.

To check this, download an internet speed test app on your device or perform it from a computer on the same network. For streaming HD video, you require a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps, and to ensure the best experience while streaming 4K content, try targeting an impressive 50+ Mbps.

Update the Max App

Keeping the Max app updated can often solve playback issues. To do this, look for the latest version of the app in the app store on your device. If an update is available, download it.

Reduce Network Activity

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Playbacks often skip when multiple users vie for the same network bandwidth. One solution is to ask others using the same network to pause their online activities temporarily—this ensures that the maximal bandwidth is available for Max streaming.

Sign Out and Restart Your Device

Another common fix for video playback issues is sign-out and restart.

  • To sign out from Max, go to settings, then ‘Sign Out.’
  • Next, turn off or unplug your TV device.
  • The power to your network devices (modem, router, etc.) should also be unplugged and restarted after 30 seconds.
  • After making sure that all devices are fully connected to the internet, sign back into Max and try streaming once more.

Try Streaming Max on Another Device

If Max still skips video playback, try switching to another device connected to the same network. This troubleshooting method can help ascertain whether the problem is network-related or device-specific.

Establish a Wired Connection

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A wired connection usually offers the best streaming performance. Therefore, connect your streaming device to the router using an Ethernet cable rather than relying on the wireless connection.

Also, check the network device cables (modem, router, etc.) to ensure that they are tightly connected at both ends—loose cables can weaken the signal.

Minor adjustments can solve common video playback problems while streaming on the Max app. Regularly testing your internet speed, keeping the app up-to-date, reducing other network activities, and establishing wired connections can significantly improve your streaming experience.

Meanwhile, the company continually works on updates to guarantee a seamless video streaming experience.

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