How to Enable or Disable Closed Captions and Subtitles on Plex

Being able to watch content from your media library on your mobile phone and tablet or smart TV is like a dream come true. Instead of downloading titles on your mobile device or TV, you only have to access and stream your media library from your computer directly through a reliable platform like Plex.

There are two features that many users enjoy with Plex. One is the easy access of movies and shows in their computer’s media library and categorizing these contents for faster navigation. The second is the hassle-free streaming of the contents to other devices like smart TVs, tablets, and mobile phones,

That means that you can watch on any supported device that have the Plex app installed what you have stored on your computer. It saves you time and effort while giving you utmost entertainment anywhere.

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When you stream movies and TV series on Plex, you have the option to enable or disable the closed captions and subtitles. Not many people enjoy seeing the extra text on the screen while watching shows. At the same time, some people need to have subtitles and closed captions to fully understand what they are watching.

How to Turn On or Off & Use Closed Captions or Subtitles on Plex

If you want to have control of whether to have closed captions and subtitles on Plex, you can easily configure and enable or disable it. Follow the steps below to know how to do it.

Configure Subtitles on Plex by Default

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If you want to have subtitles on your movies and shows at all times, you can turn them on by default.

Simply, launch Settings and go to Languages. Look for Automatically select audio and subtitle tracks and uncheck the box. Now, under the settings, look for Subtitle Mode. Set it to Always. Then, look for Prefer subtitles in and select your preferred language. Click Save Changes.

Turn On/Off Subtitles on Plex During Playback

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You can also configure the subtitles and turn it on or off during video playback, giving you more control if you want them or not.

During playback, move your cursor or tap the screen to show the settings bar. Click the three-vertical bars at the bottom and select Playback Settings. Look for Subtitles and click the dropdown menu next to it. Then, select None to disable it or any of the available subtitle to enable it.

Do you prefer watching with subtitles or not? We want to know which side are you on. Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I’m trying to enable subtitles on my plex app on my smart TV. There is no drop down menu that gives me that choice for the program I am watching. I use subtitles with everything. It is quite frustrating. Thank you for the wonderful app which I discovered on my new smart TV. You have a new fan. Karan

    • Hi Karan! I need them all the time myself, but unfortunately they don’t have a way to permanently enable CC. I have to turn it on separately for every episode/movie, and they don’t all have it available. Sorry.

  2. Yes I have hearing aids and very hard to hear talking when always have music and background sounds ,anyone with loss of high frequency can’t here but two or 3 syllables in a 5 syllable word so they won’t understand it so cc really helpful to understand any conversations on tv, when you get older you will understand


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