How to Fix Spotify Error Code 101, 409 or 24

Error codes and messages have existed for as long as the apps themselves. Sadly, even the music streaming giant Spotify didn’t escape the claws of these cryptic bugs.

Several Spotify users have reported encountering error codes 101, 409, and 24 while using the service. If you’re experiencing the same issue, there are a few things you can do to fix the Spotify issue.

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Best Solutions to Troubleshoot Spotify Error Code 101, 409 or 24

Check Your Internet Connection

The Spotify app will crash or buffer completely if you have an unstable internet connection or it gets interrupted all of a sudden for whatever reason. As a result, you might encounter the error codes 101, 409, or 24.

To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is check the stability and speed of your internet connection. Once everything is up and running, launch Spotify again and see if the error code is gone.

Verify Your Spotify Login Details

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Another possible reason why you might be getting error codes on your Spotify app is that you’re using incorrect login details. You might have not realized it but you might have typed the wrong password, username, or even both, prompting the app to prevent you from logging in.

If this is the case, double-check to ensure that you didn’t turn on the caps lock feature and that you’re typing the right login details. A simple method to confirm this is to sign into your Spotify account on the desktop or web version of the service.

If there’s no issue logging in through this method, it only means that there is nothing wrong with your typing. Your next best option is to try the rest of the steps below.

But if you have incorrect login credentials, simply reset your password on Spotify and use a new password to log in to your streaming account.

Clear Spotify App Cache

Error codes 101, 409, and 24 may also show up due to issues with the cached data on the Spotify app.

  • If you’re using an Android device, simply go to Settings, then Apps, and Spotify.
  • Choose Storage and click Clear Cache.
  • Since Android devices may have different settings, follow the steps or instructions depending on the device you’re using.

Restart Your Device

You might be surprised but sometimes, a simple restart of your device is all it takes to fix most error codes, including 101, 409, and 24. A reboot clears random access memory. Once you’re done rebooting, check if the app already loads correctly and if the error code is gone.

Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify App

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  • If none of the above steps worked, your next best option is to uninstall your Spotify app.
  • After this, go to the app store, download, and install Spotify again.
  • When you’re done reinstalling the app, open it again and try signing in to check if no more error codes are showing up.

Getting error codes 101, 409, and 24 while using Spotify can be a complete inconvenience. The good news is that there are things you can do to ensure that you can go back to listening to your favorite music without any interruptions as soon as possible.

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