How to Fix Too Many Devices in Use Error on Fubo TV App

There you are, ready to binge watch your favorite TV shows or live sports event on FuboTV, only to be greeted by the dreaded “Too Many Devices in Use” error message. If you’re a Fubo TV subscriber trying to stream on multiple devices simultaneously, this restriction can be super annoying.

But don’t flip the table just yet! In this post, I’ll explain FuboTV’s device limits and how you can tweak your account to workaround the “Too Many Devices” frustration.

Understanding FuboTV’s Base Subscription Device Limits

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The key is understanding how many concurrent streams your FuboTV subscription plan allows. This limit determines how many devices can stream simultaneously.

On FuboTV’s standard subscription, you are limited to two concurrent streams at once. This means only two devices can be actively streaming Fubo TV app at the same time.

So if you try watching on a third device, you’ll get the “Too Many Devices” error, even if those other two compatible devices are your phone and tablet.

How to Troubleshoot Streaming Limit Issue and Fix Too Many Devices in Use Error Message on Fubo TV App

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Upgrade to Family Share for Extra Concurrent Streams

If two streams on supported streaming devices aren’t enough for your household, FuboTV offers add-on packages to increase the limit:

  • Family Share – For an extra $5.99/month, you get three concurrent streams, meaning three devices can stream simultaneously.
  • Family Share Max – For $9.99/month more, you get five concurrent streams across five devices.

Upgrading to one of these share packages is the best option if you want to avoid the “Too Many Devices” error for good. Just visit your FuboTV account settings and enable Family Share or Family Share Max.

Check Account Status on All Streaming Devices

Before paying for an upgrade, it’s a good idea to audit which devices currently have an active FuboTV session.

The “Too Many Devices” error is often triggered by a device you’ve forgotten is still signed in or streaming in the background.

On all your connected streaming devices – like Roku, Apple TV, etc – open the FuboTV app and check your account status. Sign out of any devices you aren’t currently using.

This ensures you aren’t paying for more concurrent streams than you actually need.

Don’t Stream from Multiple Locations with TV Apps

One final note – on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and other TV platforms, FuboTV prohibits streaming from two different locations simultaneously.

So if you have the FuboTV app open on your home Roku and a second Roku at your vacation house, it will trigger the “Too Many Devices” error.

FuboTV only allows streaming from one location at a time on TV platforms. Just use your mobile apps when traveling to avoid this issue.

Contact FuboTV Support for Account Help

I hope these tips help you avoid and troubleshoot the frustrating “Too Many Devices in Use” error on FuboTV. Let me know in the comments if you have any other fixes!

And if you still can’t resolve the issue, I’d recommend reaching out to FuboTV’s helpful customer support team:

  • By phone at 1-844-238-2688
  • Via live chat on their website during business hours

The support reps have additional tools to troubleshoot account and streaming problems. Enjoy the unlimited device streaming after getting this fixed!

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