How to Identify Fake Spotify Playlists & Spotting them from Real Playlists

One of the most crucial ways to get famous on Spotify is to have more streams. When more people stream your music, it creates better opportunities for influence and income. But, to generate more streams, you need to reach a wider audience.

A lot of artists entertain offers from promotion companies by placing their music on top playlists. If positioned in these popular playlists on Spotify, it will create more exposure, thus gaining more streams and followers in the long run. Unfortunately, even these processes are being manipulated by scams.

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Many people are falling into the trap of paying money to get a spot on a popular Spotify playlist. But, these offers are forms of scam that will place your song on a fake playlist. When it comes to a fake playlist, you do not get exposed to a real audience. Instead, followers are merely made of bots and Spotify playlist generators.

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How to Spot a Fake Spotify Playlist & Identify it from Real Playlists

Is there a way or signs to read to avoid these scams on Spotify? There are several ways for you to detect and identify fake playlists from the real ones on Spotify. Knowing these red flags will help and guide you to say no to these scams and focus your music on what is real.

Know More About the Spotify Playlist Curator

One of the first things you need to check is the curator of the playlist. Legit promotion companies will give you more details about them. Check the Spotify profile of the playlist curator. Look for any red flags like profile pictures, followers, and more. You can also check if they have a website or a social media account.

Check the Number of Followers Against the Number of Streams

  • Launch Spotify and navigate to the playlist you want to add your music to.
  • Check the number of likes.
  • Start playing one of the most popular songs on the playlist.
  • Tap the name of the song at the bottom.
  • You will then see the number of streams. If the number of streams does not coincide with the number of followers, it may be a fake playlist. Verify the same trend with the other songs.

Verify Where the Listeners Come From

Are the listeners of the playlist from one place only? It may be the work of bots. You can see the location of the listeners from the playlist About section.

  • Look for any song on the playlist.
  • Tap the name of the artist.
  • Go to the About section.
  • Now, look for the listeners’ locations and check where they all come from. The more diverse the locations, the more likely it is to be real.

Make Sure you are not Paying for it

Spotify does not allow any paid listings on playlists. If a company or curator proposes a paid listing, it may be too risky for you to be part of it. You can look for playlists where you do not have to pay to get featured.

Watch out for anything suspicious when assessing a curator and playlist. Remember, there are thousands of playlists where you can add your song. It is not worth risking your time on fake playlists. Never settle on the first playlist.

Have you encountered a fake playlist on Spotify? We love to hear your story, so please drop one for us below.

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