How to Turn On or Off Funimation Mature-Rated Content Restriction Settings

Is watching mature-rated content an issue in your household? If it is, you need to have full control over it. Movies and TV shows with mature themes should not always be restricted if everyone in the family can appropriately watch it, age-wise and maturity-wise. That means, mature videos must only be viewed by an audience who understands what they are watching and know the consequences of it.

If you have young audiences in your family or in your household, it is best not to expose them to adult content that will influence and muddle their minds. Teaching them what they should and should not watch on TV is one way. But the best way is to restrict such titles from your settings to filter and block them off completely out of your chid’s reach.

Does Funimation App Have Mature Content Restriction Feature for Anime Shows?

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Funimation offers one of the largest library collections of anime TV shows and films online. It includes both Japanese subs and English dubs that will make your anime experience more enjoyable and relatable. You can stream some of the classic anime movies and TV series you have loved while also watching new anime titles in today’s generation.

While anime may be enticing for children with its animation and entertainment factor, there are TV shows and movies that have explicit content and theme. Fortunately, Funimation allows you to restrict these videos with mature ratings and make sure your kids cannot see them on your mobile phone or smart TV streaming app.

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How to Enable or Disable or Change Mature-Rated Content Restriction Settings on Funimation

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You can access the Restrict Mature Content feature to enable, disable or change the restriction settings by going to the Funimation website. Unfortunately, you cannot turn on or off this tool from within the Funimation streaming app.

  • On any browser, launch
  • Login to your account.
  • Select Account.
  • Navigate to Preferences.
  • Choose Video Settings.
  • Look for Restrict Mature Content.
  • Toggle or switch it to Off or On, depending on your preference.

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Note that only after you set the parental control settings for mature-rated content restrictions, it will it prevent you from downloading or accessing mature content on the app. Previously downloaded movies and TV series will not be affected by the changes. They will still appear on your library unless you delete them.

If you still see mature anime TV series on your Funimation app after turning the restrictions on, exit the app and relaunch it. In some cases, you also need to wait up to an hour for the feature to take effect.

What do you think of the Funimation app and its restriction feature for parents with anime-loving kids? We value your opinion, and we love to hear them! You can write to us in the comments below.

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