How to Cancel Crunchyroll Subscription or Premium Membership Plan

Many people today watch their favorite programs by subscribing to a streaming service and paying a monthly or annual fee for access to an extensive library of episodes and seasons. One such service is Crunchyroll. Terminating a streaming subscription for a service no longer required has been simplified through this guide.

To avoid being charged again, you must cancel your Crunchyroll subscription before the next billing period begins. The Crunchyroll app for Android and iOS does not yet support canceling a subscription or a membership account.

Reasons For Canceling your Crunchyroll Subscription Account

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Although some customers may be delighted by the service they receive, others may not be so satisfied. Anime fans may now choose from various excellent streaming options to watch their favorite shows online. Many websites now offer access to anime episodes online; Funimation is only one example among many.

Many subscribers end their Crunchyroll service when they grow tired of the site’s offerings or run out of content to watch. Some subscribers stop paying after discovering they can get all the shows they want from a competing streaming service.

Other reasons why member customers stop paying for Crunchyroll is because they either lose interest in anime or no longer have the time to watch it. Never waste money on something you do not intend to use but won’t have time to enjoy.

Lastly, if you cannot continue paying for your membership plan, you may wish to terminate your subscription. Monthly subscription costs might not be high, but given that everyone’s financial condition is different, some people might be hesitant to spend money unnecessarily.

Different Methods for Cancelling your Crunchyroll Subscription or Membership Plan

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You can easily terminate your Crunchyroll Subscription by following these steps:

Cancelling Crunchyroll when Using Credit Cards

Step1. Access your account on Crunchyroll

Step2. Visit your account page

Step3. Pick the Cancel button

Cancel Crunchyroll through PayPal

If you’ve opted to pay for Crunchyroll with PayPal, you can also cancel your subscription there. The procedure is neither time-consuming nor challenging. Here’s how to stop paying for Crunchyroll with PayPal:

Step1. Enter your login details for your PayPal account

Step2. Locate and choose your Crunchyroll subscription 

Step3. Pick the option to handle your Crunchyroll payments

Step4. Click the Cancel button

Step5. Select Yes to confirm the cancellation of future payments

In all likelihood, canceling your Crunchyroll subscription through the mobile app is the simplest method. You can skip the hassle of paperwork by paying with a credit card. If you choose to cancel, your request will be dealt with immediately.

Wrapping it Up

Some seek to cancel Peacock, while others consider the same action about Crunchyroll. You can stop the latter by switching to a different payment method or using the Crunchyroll app.

If you want to cancel your Crunchyroll account, unsubscribe, or end your free trial, you must follow the methods above. After that, your subscription will revert to a free account.

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