How to Cancel Netflix Subscription Plan on iPhone, iPad & Web or Desktop

The way we take in video material and binge-watch TV shows has changed as a result of the phenomenon called Netflix, which also provides forgotten B-movies a second chance.

It’s simple to pause or cancel your Netflix subscription or membership plan, regardless of whether you’re considering consolidating your streaming subscriptions due to rising rates or the likelihood that Netflix may stop allowing customers to share accounts with others.

How to Cancel & Stop your Netflix Subscription Plan on iPhone and iPad

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You’ll need to pause, close or cancel your Netflix subscription plan in the same manner that you signed up—if you did so by using your Apple ID on an iPhone or iPad iOS device. At the same time, it was still feasible to do so.

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open the Settings iOS app.
  2. Tap the banner profile for your Apple ID at the top of the menu.
  3. Select Subscribe.
  4. From the menu that pops up, choose Netflix.
  5. Select Cancel Subscription, and when prompted, click Yes. It’s important to know that the cancellation will take effect at the conclusion of your current billing cycle.

According to Apple’s policy, if you do not end and terminate your subscription account more than 24 hours before the date on which it is set to renew, your membership plan will be automatically renewed.

How to Cancel or Terminate your Netflix Account on the Web or a Desktop Device

  1. Log into your Netflix account, click on the profile icon, and then pick Account.
  2. You can view all account information, such as plan specifics, settings, and playback preferences, on your My Account page. You can terminate your subscription by clicking Cancel Membership under Membership & Billing.
  3. The cancellation of your subscription is confirmed on a confirmation page. Beware: if you signed up for the service while the cost was lower, the next time you used it, the price would have increased.

How to Cancel or End your Netflix Membership Plan on an Android Phone or Tablet

  • Launch the Netflix app for Android phone or tablet and tap the profile symbol in the top right corner.
  • To cancel your subscription, first select the web browser you want to use by clicking the Account tab, then click Cancel Membership.
  • From this point on, visit the website and log in. Afterward, terminate your membership using the same website procedures as above.

Watching Content After Netflix Account Cancellation

Up to the end of your account billing period, you can still access Netflix’s content after initiating the membership cancellation. Visit your Netflix account settings and click on “Membership” to view the status of your subscription account. It will state the following billing date.

You need to cancel your Netflix subscription plan, and the company will send you a cancellation request email. Be careful to check your mailbox so that you don’t end up with another bill from Netflix.

Wrapping it Up

With your newfound knowledge of how to terminate Netflix and end your subscription plan, you may relieve yourself of the weight of yet another recurring expense. Like a lot of other people, you might only subscribe to Netflix when they release new seasons of original material that you want to watch, after which you might cancel your subscription until the next season is released.

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